The Vampire Diaries: Each Season Ranked from Worst to Best

The Vampire dairies is an American supernatural, teen drama television series full of horror and fantasy. We have ranked each Season from 1st to last.

The series is based on a very famous book written by L. J. Smith, under the same name. The Pilot episode of this series Premiered on September 10th, 2009. The series continued for eight years, with the season finale airing in March 2017, having 171 episodes and eight seasons.

The show follows the love triangle between Elena Gilbert, a high school teen, Stefan Salvatore 162-year-old vampire, and Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s brother.

The Vampire dairies

The television series gained its popularity again when made available on OTT platforms (Netflix and Prime Video). Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down pushed the audience into the series and made it one of the most popular series during this period.

The series caught a lot of attention on Social media; the people were seen discussing and debating about their favorite and least favorite moments, episodes, and season.

Here’s a list of the seasons from worst to best, according to us:

1. Season 4

Season 4 begins with Elena turning into a vampire; the season is monotonous as the entire season focus on Elena’s transition. All the other aspects fade, and the show becomes a static chorus of Elena’s life.

The Vampire dairies

2. The Vampire dairies Season 7

The season is the beginning where the protagonist Elena is not seen. The writing failed in convincing the audience Why the powerful character could not function in an Elena-less world. The creators in the entire season were focusing on how creators could cover Elena’s absence in the audience’s eyes.

The Vampire dairies

3. Season 8

The final season of the vampire diaries could not meet the audience’s expectations. Season 8 was full of bad moments rather than good ones. Moreover, the death of Stefan was an injustice to Stefan’s fans. They undoubtedly cried their heart out! Stefan’s end made fans gloomy; there could have been a third way out. The only plus point is that the ending was great. It got everything the Stefan and Damon’s eye conic hug, Damon reuniting with Elena, Stefan and Caroline’s magical wedding it made fan’s make Stefan

The Vampire dairies

4. Season 5

With the summer ending, the teens of Mystic fall head for their college in Whitmore for their further studies. The season was full of Silas’s sarcastic humor. The season finale adds Bonnie and Damon sacrificing themselves to save mystic falls from the Catastrophe of the travelers.

The Vampire dairies

5. The Vampire dairies Season 1

Season 1 of the Vampire dairies fulfilled its purpose by attracting an enormous audience and creating a huge fanbase. It begins with the death of the protagonist’s parents, who were taken care of by her maternal aunt Jenna. The sad and depressed Elena meets the mysterious new boy of school Stefan and falls in love with him. The season is about Elena discovering a supernatural world that Stefan and his brother truth, that they are a vampire, and how his life works.

The Vampire dairies

6. Season 6

Season gained popularity because of the magical bond that Bonnie and Stefan established in “The Other World.” A lot happened in the season; Damon and Bonnies return, the appearance of Kai from Shariff Forbes demise, Elena turns into a human. With the season-ending bid, her final goodbyes to series.

The Vampire dairies

7. Season 3

Season 3 begins with Klaus and Stefan on the hunt to create Klaus’s hybrid army. Since Stefan is not there for Elena, Damon jumps to Stefan’s place, and their bonding increases. The audience highly loves the season as it involves different dynamics of the brother where we see the Dark phase of Stefan’s life and the good side of Damon’s.

The Vampire dairies

8. The Vampire dairies Season 2

The arrival of the original vampires follows the entry of fierce Katherine, the werewolves, the sun, and the moon cursed. Fans learned about the mystical laws that acted as the base for hooking fans to the show. Things like the usage of vervain to protect people from vampires, the need for wood to completely penetrate a vampire’s heart to kill them, and the fact that a vampire can use compulsion against humans to persuade them to do whatever they desire.

The Vampire dairies

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