Who is Casey Affleck girlfriend Caylee Cowan?

Since splitting from his longtime girlfriend, actress Floriana Lima, it appears like Casey Affleck has discovered a new love interest.

Photographs caught the 46-year-old Affleck dropping off — and lip-locking and embracing — half-his-age actress Caylee Cowan in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The Oscar winner was photographed holding the young beauty before exiting his car for another embrace and kiss, with both Affleck and Cowan periodically giving paparazzi the side-eye during their moment of PDA. While neither Affleck nor Lima, 40, have announced their split, these fresh photos strongly suggest that it is over.

Who is Caylee Cowan?

Casey Affleck

Caylee Cowan is an up-and-coming actress who was born on March 19, 1998, in Los Angeles. Her acting career began after she appeared in the 2019 film “Sunrise in Heaven.” She has since appeared in a number of films and shorts, including Willy’s Wonderland, in which she co-starred with Nicolas Cage.

Penelope in Frank and Penelope, which is to be released in 2022, will star Cowan. Cowan attended more than ten different schools and graduated early, according to her IMDb page. Nova also has producer credits on The Peace Between, a 2019 documentary on refugees. Caylee Cowan has over 553,000 Instagram followers and frequently posts photos of her paintings.

Marital status of Casey Affleck?

Casey Affleck

Summer Phoenix, an American model, actress, and designer, was Casey Affleck’s wife from 2006 to 2017. They’ve been dating for a long time and got engaged in December 2003. Indiana, his first kid, was born in the summer of 2004. Atticus, their second child, was born in 2008. Summer filed for divorce the following year after announcing their separation in 2016 due to an “irreconcilable difference.”

Instagram updates of Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck

Just days after the paparazzi saw them having PDA while out and about in Los Angeles, the Oscar winner and his girlfriend Caylee Cowan made their relationship Instagram official on Thanksgiving. Casey, 46, posted a selfie with Caylee among a series of Instagram images during a Thanksgiving blood drive on behalf of his neighborhood baseball club. Despite his significant other’s fears about the process, the actor confessed in his caption that she swung for the fences. “Caylee Cowan (@cayleecowan) showed up.

He stated in part, “She is not on the Love’s active roster, but she is MY Love, and she ALWAYS comes up when it counts.” “However, Caylee is normally apprehensive about needles, blood, and the like, and though she convincingly pretended to be unconcerned the entire way to the donation place, once on the table with her sleeve rolled up, she was overheard quietly asking a staff worker, ‘Is there anything I can do?’

Caylee expressed her gratitude in the comments area, writing, “I love you so much.” The 23-year-old “Willy’s Wonderland” star also posted a solo Instagram post about her and Casey’s gift, encouraging fans to follow her path and give back over the holidays.

Accusations against Affleck

Casey Affleck

During the filming of 2010’s “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix,” Affleck was accused of making “unwanted sexual attempts” toward producer Amanda White. After refusing to share a hotel room with him, White filed a $2 million complaint alleging that the “Gone Baby Gone” actor used her bedroom to have sex with other women, sent her “abusive” text messages, and forced a crew member to expose himself to her against her will.

Following that, Magdalena Gorka, the cinematographer for “I’m Still Here,” filed a $2.25 million lawsuit against Affleck, stating that he crawled into her bed and touched her without her consent while she was sleeping, and threatened to withhold her payment and credit on the film if she quit.

How long have been Casey Affleck and Caylee Cowan dating each other?

Casey Affleck
Since 2016, Casey Affleck has been in a long-term relationship with actress Floriana Lima, but the two have not confirmed a breakup was recently spotted kissing Caylee Cowan and later referred to her as his “love” on his Instagram account. The 46-year-old actor posts a photo of himself giving blood with the caption:”

@Cayleecowan has made an appearance. She isn’t on the current love roster, but she is my love and always shows up when it counts…” For the past 12 years, Affleck has been a member of The Love, a baseball team that donates blood to the Red Cross on Thanksgiving weekends. “I adore you,” Cowan, 23, said in response to the photo.

Affleck also posted a photo of Cowan donating blood, as well as a photo of the two of them together. When the two originally met and how long they’ve been dating is still unknown.

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