Underpaid Amazon Workers Prepare for Black Friday Strike

Amazon being the one of most successful and renowned company in today’s era, which was started in mere garage is now “one of the world’s most powerful economic and cultural forces,” as well as the largest global brand.

The company gives customers access to some of the most desirable goods. Amazon’s competitive pricing and fast shipping times have also contributed to the retailer’s popularity among customers. Amazon is well-known for upending well-established industries through technological innovation on a large scale.

But there is another aspect of this company, that only those workers who work for amazon can tell us. Workers in Amazon facilities in Europe sought to highlight inhumane working circumstances.

Amazon Employees Go On Strike to Expose the Harsh realities of ‘Black Friday’ Sales.

Amazon has been chastised on numerous occasions for the working conditions and wages it offers to its employees, notably warehouse workers. Employees and activists are attempting to take a stand against the business on Black Friday, when sales are supposed to be at their peak. Amazon is accused, because on Black Friday they set unachievable conditions, such as  workers having to skip restroom breaks to meet deadline, constant robotic surveillance also injuries from accident.


Workers and activists are scheduled to protest in over 20 countries as part of campaign led by “Make Amazon Pay,” coalition of 70 trade unions and groups including Greenpeace, Oxfam, and Amazon Workers International.

What is Make Amazon Pay?

The Make Amazon Pay initiative proposes that Amazon; fairly compensate its employees. By 2030, we will have achieved carbon neutrality. “Make Amazon Pay” started a year ago when 50 organizations banded together to deliver a set of shared demands, and this year’s events are expected to be far greater, with strikes and protests planned in various cities.

According to them they are “workers and activists divided by geography and our role in the global economy but united in our commitment to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes and for its impact on the planet.”

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According to “Make Amazon Pay,” the strikes and rallies will include workers from “oil refineries, manufacturing, warehouses, data centers, and corporate headquarters.” In addition to announcing the global strikes and protests planned for Black Friday, Make Amazon Pay releases its demands. According to the alliance, Amazon employees risked their lives to guarantee COVID-19 pandemic requests were satisfied, only to earn a brief rise in income.

It then accused the trillion-dollar corporation of “starving” societies of “tax income through its world-beating efforts at tax avoidance.” According to reports, Amazon only paid 1.2 percent tax in 2019, a tiny rise from previous years.


With nearly half of all online purchases on Black Friday last year, Amazon made over a billion dollars in profit in only 24 hours, and CEO Jeff Bezo’s net worth surpasses $100 billion. A handful of employees were let ho after failing to fulfill greater standards for the volume of products processed and packed on Black Friday last year.

Amazon was the subject of a UK wide protest held in conjunction with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which demanded an end to ‘appalling’ working conditions. Distribution centers across Germany walked out after a long running dispute over pay. The Make Amazon Pay campaign also accused Amazon of evading taxes as part of its Make Amazon Pay initiative.

But Amazon have different perspective, related to this situation. Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel told Insider in a statement that the company is “inventing and investing significantly” in several of the categories addressed by the campaign, including climate efforts such as a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and pushes to improve competitive wages and benefits.

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