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The latest episode of The King’s Affection is going to be air soon, fans are highly excited for it. Previous episode of it left many questions in the mind of audience and curiosity can’t keep them still what the excitement of latest episode. The King’s Affection is story about when Crown Prince’s consort give birth to twins. The twins are considered to be an omnious sign and order was sent to kill the daughters to save her. Later on she ws secretly send out of the palace.

What could be the expected release date?

High excited fans are just waiting for The King’s Affection episode 8 and the latest episode is going to be release on November 02, 2021 at 9.30 pm for South Korean people. Moreover, as it Netflix’s original series so it will be premiere globally on November 02, 2021, but timings may differ.

Exact timings for Netflix release is yet to be out. Just a week away for the release of episode 8 and audience will be completely cleared out what is going to happen next.

Where we can watch it?

As the release date is revealed now thing is that where to watch is out. So for Netflix users they can watch directly at their platform but it’s not free one has to pay subscription fee . Therefore globally it’s going to release at Netflix.

As for South Korean people they can enjoy the premier of episode 8 at their local network channel at sharp 9.30pm. The plot is totally different. Many characters may have important role in upcoming episode. The story will go on and  don’t forget to bing on November 02, 2021.

About the plot :

The Crown Prince’s gave birth to two twins to hide she declared her daughter to be killed.. to kee secret she ran outside the palace. However her twin brother Lee Hwi died in the span of years which leads to her return to the palace and later on raised by her mother.

Leaving in fear of secret being revealed she was not able to make friends and decided to maintain distance from others. The only one with whom she can share everything was her teacher Jung Ji Woon as for him she develop feelings quickly.

As Jung Ji Woon is a noble and son o government official and was trained for the role to educate Crown princess.

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