Girls and women in Tech: Empowering them around the World

Girls and women of several countries are facing structural barriers. It limits their ability to participate in society on the same level as their men.

Globally more than 50% of women are victims of misbehavior. Not allowed to present themselves in front of the whole world which leads to a lack of confidence in them.

Lack of awareness is the main reason for not being able to raise their voice using the latest technology. Women were confined to traditional roles and limited to access the capital, training, and technology that could enrich their lives.

Looking at the condition of women in many countries becomes necessary to give them moral support. Help them in reaching technology which will ensure a better living for the rest of life. Although we have come a long way for women’s empowerment still many women are not aware of the technologies.

Girls and women

Information and Communication Technologies

Women and ICTs have been the subject of global goals, topics for discussion, and debates for many years. Information and Communication Technology has empowered people especially women to communicate and network at a global level.

We need to go into depth to learn how ICTs have empowered women. Technology played an important role in supporting and developing women’s capabilities and resources. Despite off positive use of technology in supporting women and empowering them, there is a lack of consensus regarding the definition and use of the term empowerment.

The concept of empowerment is poorly measured which is the one reason that we have not yet concluded that if it is achieved or not?

Girls and women

Technology and Women

Technology plays a large part in cementing gender inequality especially in developing counties. Earlier women do not have mobiles and cell phones to connect with their family members who live far apart from them. But now when they have access to all the electronics and have the latest technology in their hands, they feel free and independent. Technology act like a barrier remover between women and the world.

But now also in some countries women do not have access to phones and ratios and are unaware of information. If women start gaining their knowledge of technology and its uses, they can become a helping hand for their families. Many companies have started employing female employees because they have creative ideas and plans to run the company. Despite women empowerment being in its nascent stage currently, the tech industry is an extremely lucrative industry for women.

If you’re looking for an industry with lots of opportunities, tech is the way to go. Women taking up jobs in the tech industry will be a channel to bridge the gender gap for this industry.

In today’s keyed-up industry, tech opportunities are not only limited to coding but have also extended to software engineering, cybersecurity, network administration, design, data analytics, and much more.

Girls and women

Social Media Sites

Networking sites can help women in making them feel confident and they can participate in the social level too. Social media has played a huge part in raising the voice of women.

A woman now freely can share their story and can help other women if they are far apart also. Women can now use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media sites to join the protest movements across the world.

Women now can start their businesses using these social media sites to become financially independent and present their talent and work at the global level.

Most of the women have done so well and are selling their products and working on several social media sites and earning.

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