Lil Baby’s Ex Jayda Cheaves Reacts To His Dating Rumors With Saweetie

Are Lil Baby and Saweetie dating? Rumors has it that the three time Grammy nominated rapper and “Best Friend” hit maker are currently dating despite no nods from either of them. Lil Baby’s on and off ex must’ve caught wind of Lil Baby and Saweetie’s dating rumors since she was one of the firsts to react to it. Here’s all the details about the music industry’s new “It” couple:

Lil Baby allegedly spent $100k on Saweetie on a shopping spree

Lil Baby and Saweetie were spotted recently together in a Chanel store in New York. A native Atlanta claimed that the rapper spent a heavy amount of $100k on Saweetie. The source also posted a video footage next on their story to support their story. Saweetie not only performed on Saturday Night Live, but she hopped on the Power 105.1 Powerhouse stage in New Jersey for a performance, as well where Lil Baby also performed. This happened over the weekend, Hollywood Unlocked was primarily the first to report on the alleged romantic relationship between Lil Baby and Saweetie.

Saweetie in an interview was asked about her forthcoming album Pretty B*tch Music, but instead, she revealed her desire to have a “baby”, however, she coincidentally confirmed she doesn’t have a man.

Previous Relationships of both the artists

Saweetie has been in a longtime relationship with Lil Baby’s labelmate Quavo, though she denies it. There’s reportedly been a lot of tension between the two labelmates of the group, Migos. Saweetie apparently had an explosive breakup with her ex Quavo including the scandal over their violent elevator fight.

Lil Baby on the other hand, had an on and off relationship with his ex Jayden Cheaves with whom he has a baby with now. The Grammy nominated rapper cheated on Jayda Cheaves but has constantly refused it. Lil Baby allegedly paid Ms. London $16,000 for a one-night-stand which the porn-star later took to Twitter to confirm the allegations. Though Lil Baby has readily denied all the claims. Later he also told on himself in a wild tweet-and-delete session!

Later the breakup, Lil Baby has duly confirmed the exes have a good relationship. In an interview, “It ain’t no like, ‘still together.’ She my son mama, so it ain’t no way we cannot be together,” he explained. “Even if we not in a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend type s**t, we got a relationship because we got a kid. We got a small kid so we gotta kick it no matter what,” he stated.

Lil Baby’s Ex Jayda Cheaves Reacts To His Dating Rumors With Saweetie

Lil Baby’s ex has to be the first one to know about the relationship. The social media personality who dated the “My Turn” album artist was among the first who reacted to the reports that her ex may be dating the “My Type” hitmaker. Jayda liked the tweet posted by Hollywood Unlocked on the romantic relationship between Lil Baby and Saweetie. Her ‘like’ hinted a subtle nod and the fact that she supports the couple.

Jayda Cheaves recently got backlash for commenting “Kids Ruin Relationships”

She was Live on Instagram when someone in the comments asked if she wanted to have more children. Cheaves responded, “I mean, be real with yourself. Do it look like I want more kids? I’m playing, but I said I’m not having another child until I get married.”

She also added that couples without children should wait until they have children because of the impact that kids will have on their relationship. “I stress to my best friend a hundred times a day, like, don’t have no baby. I’m telling you. Don’t have a baby, have fun. I love my baby, don’t get me wrong, but like, they ruin relationships.”
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