Reflection Of You Episode 7: Release Date, Spoiler, Watch Online

Reflection of you episode 7 is going to be released on November 3, 2021. Fans are excited for the episodes of the show filled with mystery.

Reflection of you is a South Korean television series Of the Genre drama. The show is based on a  novel  which  was written by Jung  So-hyeon, under the name of “Someone who looks like you”. Show is directed by Lim Hyeon- wook which premiered on JTBC , October 13 2021. The concept of this show is interesting and intriguing.  Till now 6 episodes of the show has been released out of 8 with a running time of 62 to 70 minutes. It has an IMDb rating of 7.8 .

Episode 7 Release Date

Reflection of you episode 7 is going to be released on November 3 2021, although the title of the show hasn’t been released yet. As of episode 6 ended with many unexpected events, viewers cannot wait for the episode 7 as they are in haste to know what is going to happen next.

Spoiler Alert!!


The main leads of the show are Go Hyun-Jung, Shin Hyun-been, Choi Won-young and  Kim Sang-ho. The story revolves around a woman who had troubling youth, yet she is ambitious and strong-willed.  Jeong Hee-joo departs from her previous role of mother and wife, even though she had no problems in her past life. Her husband is wealthy and an autocrat. Although She has everything that she desires for, but there is some emptiness that is eating her up. She thinks that her life Is meaningless. On this new aspect of her life where she thrive and rise (as a painter), with the help Gu Hae- won who is an art teacher, according to Jeong he talks baseless stuff yet he is zesty.

Episode 6 Recap

As the episode 6 titled- “That’s not how love ends” was full of drama , Haewon confronts Heejo about the affair . It’s also became clear that Lisa is the reason behind Woo-jae’s memory restoration. Also if Lisa comes to knows about everything than she will do more harm than Haewon could ever do to , her mother.

What to expect in episode 7

In the upcoming episode 7 , from the preview it is clear that Lisa is frustrated about something , not clear what.  In the middle of the road Haewon reciprocate Hee-joo by dumping the drink on her. and woojae ended up sleeping with someone , the preview does not show who .

Where to watch Online?

Reflection of you episode 7 is available on  popular streaming platform, Netflix. The episode is released on every Wednesday and Thursday.

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