One Piece: Episode 996, Release date & Watch Online

One Piece Episode 996 was sadly delayed due to some problems, finally, they are back with a new date and time of release. 

The exact reason behind the delay is not yet confirmed but it is believed that the series is going to hit the landmark of 1000th episode soon in the month of November for which writers and telecast result in some delay. It was supposed to be released this week but now we are going to see some delay.

The latest and Amazing anime series comes and goes with their new broadcasting cour for every three to four months prior. One Piece anime usually airs fresh episodes every Sunday for major International audiences. But it seems some delay.

What could be the new release date? 

One Piece Episode 996 Onigashima in Tumult Luffy’s All-out war begins will release on Sunday 24th October 2021 at 3 pm BST. 

The episode will be firstly available for paid subscribers at the price rate of $7.99. Following listed are the release timings at different zones.

  • Indian Time 7.30 am October 24 
  • British Time 3 am October 24 
  • European Time 4 am October 24

And many more.. 

Where to watch it out online? 

One Piece Episode 996 can be watched with English subtitles and is also accessible via different providers. One Piece episode can be watched in the following channels:

  • Crunchyroll 
  • Fumigation
  • AnimeLab 

More about One Piece : 

One Piece series has received the fate of astonishing due to its storyline, characters and humor. One Piece has set a Guinness World record for “ the most copies published for the same comic books series by a single author. 

By February 2021 the series had sold about 480 million in 43 countries around the worldContinuously for 11th year considered to be best selling series and At present it still at the verge to creating a boom in the anime market it’s just because of concept through which it revolves around.

End of One Piece Episode 995

By the end of episode 995, we can say that kaido is occupied by Akazaya. Luffy will be busy fighting with big mom.

 The main highlight of an episode of 995 is that The big mom came to want just to protect herself by taking revenge from Luffy who wreaked the whole cake island and successfully escaped.


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