Platinum End: Release Date, Plot, Characters, And Other Latest Updates!!!
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Platinum End: Release Date, Plot, Characters, And Other Latest Updates!!!

The Japanese manga series, Platinum End always remains the favorite one for all Dark fantasy lovers. It is written by Tsugumi Ohba for Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine; with the illustration by Takeshi Obata. Moreover, it is the longest manga series I’ve come across till today. It made its debut on the 4th of November 2015 and ended by 4th January 2021. Besides, it also made its English version entry through Viz Media for international readers.

The manga series has fourteen volumes in total. Having that said, the anime is all set to proceed. Platinum End is an anime adaptation of the Manga by Ohba Tsugumi & Obata Takeshi After the death of his parents. So stay tuned for more updates.

When Can We Expect The Platinum End Anime Series?

Furthermore, the announcement of the release of the Platinum End anime is making the scare heads, lately. The news is official as during the Jump Fests ’21  event on 2nd December 2020; the Pony Canyon claimed to make an anime out of the Platinum End manga series. According to the sources, the TV anime series is about to make its premiere on the TBS network; by anytime in October 2021. The anime will be directed by Hideya Takahashi.

What Is The Plot Of Platinum End Manga?

It is the story of an orphan named Mirai Kaakehashi, living under the roofs with his cruel aunt and uncle. One day, when he is about to commit suicide, he comes across a Guardian Angel, Nasse. At the very moment, he realizes that the cause of his parent’s death is because of his aunt and uncle. Subsequently, with the power given by Nasse, he fights for justice.

Platinum End: Release Date, Plot, Characters, And Other Latest Updates!!!

Not only that but also, Nasse informs about him being one of the thirteen candidates who were chosen to substitute God. While God has left only 999 days to retire.  Besides, the remaining part of the manga series will be covering the challenges and other contest-related events against the twelve competitors.

Who Are The Leads Of The Platinum End?

  • Mirai Kakehashi by Miyu Irino
  • Nasse by Yui Ogura
  • Saki Hanakago by M.A.O
  • Revel by Natsuki Hanae,
  • Kanade Ury, Tomma Rodruguez, Shogo Hatakeyama, Chiyo Nakayama, Nanto Mukaido, and Hajime Sokotani are God candidates.
  • Meyza, Luta, Emaka, Jami, Baret, Balta, Muni, Penema, Yazeli, and Ogaro are the angels.

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