Blue Box Chapter 7: Release Date, Storyline And Characters!!!
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Blue Box Chapter 7: Release Date, Storyline And Characters!!!

Blue Box is Weekly Shonen Jump’s new romance manga. With an improbable love for two adolescents “in a sport,” Blue Box aims to revitalize the genre, which is sometimes riddled with stereotypes, by reinforcing a surprising extreme.

What is the release date for Blue Box Chapter 7?

Kouji Miura writes this story and started publishing Weekly Shonen Jump on 19th April 2021. Starting with a single clip, the success of the show and its unusual genre has seen its publisher proceed as a continuous sequence. Chapter 6 has been released on 23rd May, 2021, and Chapter 7 is going to unveil on 30th May.

Blue Box Chapter 7: Release Date, Storyline And Characters!!!

Let’s know the plot- Spoiler alert!

The manga is essentially about two Eimei Academy teens. Also, the junior is Taiki Inomata, whereas the senior is Chinatsu Kano. The plot is about these students of the third and first years. In addition, the athletics of the two students are A1. One of them in Badminton is well equipped, the other in the gymnasium who can beat anyone. On the opposite, they are zilch when each one is flipped on. The real fun starts when you get to the main subject when two of them reside under a common roof. Besides that, after their meeting, Taiki has a liking towards Chinatsu.

The difference between Chinatsu and Taiki couldn’t be bigger as the emerging leader of the basketball team. Though Taiki may be decent with Badminton, it is not as common as Chinatsu. It is also more doubtful that she would ever like him. Yet she ends up staying in Taiki’s house in a weird twist of destiny! Taiki wants to slowly establish his friendship with her, with Chinatsu now residing with him.

Who are the characters in this manga?

Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano, as shown, are the central characters. Kyo Kasahara and Hina Chono, who serve as the best friends of Taiki and want to support him in the field of love, have already been inserted into this manga. Taiki is continually being tried by Kyo to remind him of the relatively slight chances he has of Chinatsu. On the contrary, Hina wants to urge him, by being simply the guy she dates, to capture the girl of his wishes. Also listed are Taiki and Chinatsu’s parents and while in high school, their mothers met each other.

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