Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

When Urbańska mentioned on TVP what her daughter had done, tears flowed. “I’ve become soft”

Great emotions accompany not only the participants of the seventh edition “The Voice Kids”, but they also take their toll on coaches. In the episodes aired so far, viewers could already see the coaches’ tears and hear their touching confessions. Natasza Urbańskawho joined the coaches in this edition, is more and more willing to talk about her teenage daughter from episode to episode Kalina.

The singer recalled the events from years ago. And as it turns out, they still cause w Natasza Urbańska huge commotion.

“A moment that completely blew me away, because I don’t allow myself a moment of weakness, because the stage demands it. I had an anniversary in Buffo, my own concert, really my first one. And my daughter, I think she was four years old then, so tiny, came to the theater for the first time. She didn’t really know who her mother was yet. I go on stage in a dress, with my hair done, with a microphone, and suddenly I see her running out of the row and standing in the middle and shouting: ‘Mama, mama!’ I see her and… I turned around and I thought: ‘God, I won’t sing again…’ she confessed, her voice breaking. Natasza Urbańska.

After a short while on the trainer’s face “The Voice Kids” tears appeared. Urbańska also quickly added that since she is a mother, she gets emotional much more often.

“When you are a mother, tears come much easier,” she said, adding an anecdote about her mother, who was always moved by watching movies. “Now I have the same thing. I’ve become soft,” she confessed.