Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The 7-year-old left Chylińska stunned. The “Got Talent” juror couldn’t believe what she saw

The 15th edition will return to TVN on Saturday “I have a talent”. The popular show has undergone major changes – only the old crew remains on the jury Agnieszka Chylińska. They will appear by her side Julia Wieniawa and Marcin Prokop (previously the host of “Got Talent”). They will take over the role of presenters Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak and Jan Pirowski from Radio Eska.

Let us remind you that Wieniawa and Prokop replaced the actress Małgorzata Foremniak (she was on the jury from the very beginning, i.e. 2008) and a dancer Jan Kliment.

“Popping is a style of dancing that tightens the muscles. The most important thing is to bounce upwards. It takes a lot of work to make it happen suddenly. I dance with all my heart. It’s always like that,” she said before entering the stage. 7- summer Liwia Łaszewskawho presented her original way of dancing to the jurors.

Her performance, during which the participant pretended to be a robot, began with him carrying her onto the stage Jan Pirowski.

After a while, the young dancer surprised the jury with her original choreography, and she seemed extremely surprised Agnieszka Chylińska, who watched the entire performance with her mouth open. “Damn,” she screamed Julia Wieniawa. “What a blast,” he added Marcin Prokopwho after a while tried to imitate the movements of the 7-year-old dancer to the rhythm of dubstep.

“Liwia began to show interest in music and dance when she was two years old. When she turned 4, her parents enrolled her in her first dance school, for rhythmic classes. A year later, she changed the place of training and started attending hip-hop classes. At the age of 6, she decided to start learning popping, learning on your own from music videos,” we read on the program’s website

Currently, the 7-year-old is training under the wings of the finalist of the eighth edition “I’ve Got Talent” by Maciej Shev Mołdochwho, together with his wife, teaches Liwia at school Soul Boogie.

Participant “I have a talent” has won many gold medals (World Championships and Polish Championships in hip hop and popping in the solo category up to 7 years old).