Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What’s next for the second part of “No Face”? Work on the film has been suspended

In 2019, Paramount studio announced the start of work on the continuation of John Woo’s famous film titled “Faceless”. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta were to return to their roles from the first part of the production, and Adam Wingard (“Godzilla vs. Kong”) was to direct. According to information provided by Wingard, the work is suspended and there is no chance of continuing it.

“Almost in the middle of production on ‘Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire,’ Simon Barrett (‘Next’s You’) and I were finishing the first draft of the script for the second part of ‘Faceless.’ Since we were busy with other projects and the script needed to be revised, we chose writer to take care of it. And then the writers’ strike started and everything was delayed. Now everything is at a standstill. I think the plan remains the same. The chosen writer will go to work, and when the script is ready, Simon and I will try something again can be done,” says Adam Wingard hopefully in an interview with the io9 portal.

Unfortunately, Wingard’s words do not inspire optimism. Because although the director has finished working on the second part of the joint adventures of Godzilla and Kong – the film “Godzilla and Kong: A New Empire” will be released on March 28 – the script for the second part of “No Face” is still not ready, which he could work on. Apparently, since the end of the writers’ strike, Paramount studio has not been interested in continuing work on the sequel to Woo’s film, which indicates that it will not be made.

In the film “Without face” Nicolas Cage played the role of the dangerous bandit Castor Troy, who is followed by the tenacious cop Sean Archer played by John Travolta. Troy shot his son in the past, so arresting him is a priority for the cop. The situation requires taking unusual steps. To prevent disaster, Archer undergoes face and body swapping surgery to resemble Troy. Except that Troy undergoes a similar operation, as a result of which he turns into Archer.