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“First Love” episodes 3780-3781 – summary

“First Love” is probably more popular than the cult clan. There are more and more viewers following the fate of the heroes from Wrocław and Wadlewo. The love between Marysia and Paweł, which was initially the core of the series’ plot, evolved quickly. Today, the stories and adventures of their friends and family often provide much more emotions and impressions. Thanks to the summary of episodes 3780-3781 of “First Love” you can find out todayhow the plot of this most popular drama series in Poland will unfold.

In the summary of episode 3780 of “First Love” you will learn more about the fate of Biały, Iga, Anka and Filip. Is living together good for them? Filip accidentally breaks the White’s toaster. Iga wants to repair the device quickly to prevent another quarrel. The atmosphere in the apartment thickens.

Biały and Anka meet with Biernacki and Laura. During the conversation, the case of Kamil’s beating comes back, which still bothers them. The atmosphere of the meeting changes and becomes unpleasant. Is Laura and Biernacki’s relationship Will it survive another conflict?

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In this episode you will also learn a little more about Grażyna’s fate. The woman wants her relationship with Michał to reach the next level, but the man opposes this. Grażyna suspects that Michał still feels something for Marysia.

What will happen in episode 3781 of “First Love”? The summary will reveal a bit of a secret. Jealous Grażyna decides to confront Marysia about Michał. She is not satisfied with the girl’s explanation. She decides to take decisive action to find out if Michał is cheating on her.

In Wadlewo, on the other hand, love between Kulas and Aniela blossoms, which is increasingly becoming the subject of gossip. Lovers become careless and put themselves at greater risk, that someone will eventually catch them.

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Laura and Biernacki are going through another relationship crisis. Marta overhears their stormy conversation. Will the doctor’s violent nature finally come to light? In turn, Paulina finally convinces Wenerski to do research. The doctor expects the worst.

“First Love” has been broadcast on Polsat TV station from the beginning. You can watch episodes 3780-3781 on Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.and the next episode on Friday, March 22 at 6:00 p.m.

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