Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Cola Boyy is dead. The talented musician was 34 years old

About death Coke Boyya his label said.

“He was a man with a soul who did not age. He had the enthusiasm of a child and the musicality of an experienced legend. His lyrics, melodies, the sound of his voice – each of these elements was unique and timeless. We loved him in Record Makers. We send our love to his family and friends,” the statement said.

“Rest in peace Coke Boys. Anyone who knew Matthew knew he had an extraordinary personality. He was always the life of the party and could get along with everyone. He was also with one of the most talented and down to earth people I have ever met. His sense of humor endeared him to many people. Matthew cared about family, friends and community, which he often expressed through music. He was just finishing work on his next album and was excited to release new music. I will do everything to ensure that his album is finally released,” he wrote Jack Sillsmusic manager.

34 years old Coke Boys actually Matthew Urango, called himself a “disabled disco innovator.” The singer and musician was born with scoliosis, kyphosis and spina bifida.

He started his career in 2018 as the band’s bassist Sea Lions. In 2018, he also released his first solo EP “Black Bogie Neon” with the songs “Penny Girl” and “Buggy Tip”.

A wider audience got to know the musician after the musician went on tour with MGMT. In 2019 Nicolas Godin from the team AIR he invited him to his solo album.

In 2020, he had the opportunity to work with the Australian team The Avalanches. Coke Boys released his debut album in 2021, and the guests included: Andrew VanWyngarden With MGMT, The AvanalchesGodin and John Carroll Kirby.

Boyy was also an activist. He advocated for the rights of people with disabilities and was also a voice for people of color.