Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What scenes in “The Voice Kids”! Urbańska didn’t believe it, the Baron pulled out the regulations!

“Is it possible that we have met before?” he asked Iga Gregor Tomasz Kammel. It quickly turned out that the young singer was trying her hand at the fifth edition of the program. However, she failed to turn the chairs around then, and the coaches invited her to the next seasons when she would improve her vocals.

“I remember that time very well. But there was a different scene then. Throughout the entire performance, I didn’t even think that the coaches were supposed to turn around, I was only thinking about singing. Only at the end of the song did I realize that the seats should turn around,” she recalled. “I wasn’t sorry because I was happy that I managed to appear in the program,” she added.

Participant in the seventh edition “The Voice Kids” performed the Eurovision song “Unicorn” Noi Kirel and turned three chairs around. Once finished only Natasza Urbańska she knew what song the participant was performing.

“What a fire,” he summed up briefly Baron. “You also look like her. You are as beautiful as Noa,” she commented Urbańska. “You have this power,” he said Thomson.

It quickly turned out that the 13-year-old had a lot in common with… Natasza Urbańska, which made the rest of the coaches very angry. They didn’t even want to fight for the participant.

Gregor appears in Musical Theater in Gdyniawhere the director is, among others, Janusz Józefowicz. Urbańska admitted that she had also performed there in the past, and after a while it turned out that both the coach and the singer had performed in “Peter Pan”.

The coach reminded her that she played in the play Tigress with Lily in Her Teeth and he plays the same role now Iga Gregor. When the juror heard these words, she held her head.

After Baron’s encouragement, the participant and Urbańska performed a joint choreography from the musical and it was almost certain who the singer would go to. She finally confirmed that she would continue her adventure in the program with Natasha.

“I think Natasha is cheating a bit, I need to check the rules,” Baron commented loudly. “It says here that if a new coach starts selecting participants for his team without filling out the initial qualification form, he cannot continue with the casting,” the coach thought while standing on his chair.

“Iga is 13 years old. She is a seventh-grade student. She sings from morning to night. It is easier for her to appear on TV than in front of her friends. Her favorite thing at music school is guitar lessons, where she has been learning to play for five years. She loves jazz dancing. For several years performs on the stage of the Musical Theater in Gdynia. Her eternal dream is to go to New York. She stubbornly implements all her crazy ideas. Meetings with friends always end with countless films directed together, of course with them in the main roles” – we read on the website of “The Voice “Kids”.