Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Ida Nowakowska did not hide her surprise! Who appeared on “The Voice Kids”?

Anastasia Tabakova is a 12-year-old participant “The Voice Kids”, who came to Poland with her family 1.5 years ago. She currently lives in Gdańsk and, as she admitted in an interview with Ida Nowakowskahas been singing for only two years.

It turned out that Anastazja’s musical talent was nurtured by her father – Pavlo Tabakov. Ukrainian singer who won the local edition in 2012 “The Voice” and signed a professional contract with Universal. But that’s not all. Music career Tabakov it started a little earlier, in 2005. Then he won the talent show “Chance” and signed a contract with Igor Kondratiuk.

In the following years, he recorded, tried his hand at the Eurovision qualifying rounds and reached the Ukrainian semi-final “I have a talent”. Currently, Tabakov is engaged in singing lessons. It has its schools in Ukraine and Poland. He also vocally trains his daughter. “People want to give you chills. If it does, it means you are an artist,” he said on TVP.

“I want her to try out in the competition, because I’ve already experienced it,” the singer said to the clearly surprised Ida Nowakowska. “Amazing,” the presenter replied, surprised that the winner of “The Voice” was sitting next to her.

Anastazja performed the song in front of the coaches “I want to stay here” Paints and turned three chairs around.

“You have something charming in the timbre of your voice. It’s a bit girlish, but it doesn’t stop us from singing about such important things, about things that reach straight into our hearts, I felt so much what you were singing about. You are magical,” she said. Cleo.

“Either you are very talented, or you are very talented and someone helps you because you have such a beautiful voice. You take every sound from the top, these sounds are professional and we want to listen to you. You sing so well that we don’t need anything else,” he admitted. Thomson.

At the very end, the participant sang for the coaches in Ukrainian, delighting them even more. When decision time came, Tabakova decided she was going to join the team Cleo.