Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What did Baron show to the camera? Surprising scenes in “The Voice Kids”

14 years old Miłosz Kurzok In “The Voice Kids” admitted that he is a big comic book fan. And he not only likes reading them, but also drawing them. Before entering the stage, he left u Oliwier Szota – which lets participants onto the stage – a gift for trainers.

The participant performed the song on stage The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” and turned two chairs – Tomson With Baron and Cleo.

“I need to cool down,” she began. “It was nice to listen to you. Your voice made me turn around. It’s very pleasant, enveloping. There’s a lot to do, but you can learn a lot in my team,” she commented.

When asked about his hobby, Miłosz talked about his passion for making comics. “What’s cool about comics is that you can be the master of your world,” he said.

When the time came to choose, Miłosz called to the stage again Oliwiera, who handed him a comic book. The participant passed it on to the trainers so that they could read its content.

Everyone gathered around the coaching duo’s chair, a Baron he invited the cameraman to show all the program’s viewers what the 14-year-old had drawn. In the comic, Miłosz presented his appearance in the TVP talent show, and on the last page he wrote down which team he was joining. The singer decided to continue working with the team Afromentalwhich caused their great euphoria.

“You are officially a cartoonist and a participant in the program,” he said Thomsonand the last page of the comic book was displayed on stage “The Voice Kids”.