Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

An amazing performance of Irena Santor’s great hit on TVP. Urbańska was speechless

Even before going on stage “The Voice Kids”14 years old Mikołaj Beker he was enumerating Ida Nowakowskahow many music competitions he won in his life.

Beker was the winner of, among others, Christmas carols competition, an international instrumental and vocal competition and took second place in the national Disney song competition.

In “The Voice Kids” he decided to perform a great hit in front of the coaches Irena Santor “There are no more wild beaches”. Listening trainers exchanged opinions and praised the participant for a long time, but only Cleo at the end of the performance she turned her chair around.

Thomson and Baronwho did not have time to press the button explained that their chair did not work. “So that we don’t have to explain ourselves,” Tomson said.

“Mikołaj, there is so much airiness in you, so much emotion. I can feel that your heart is full of emotions,” commented Cleo.

“While listening to you, I saw a young woman Irena Santor. I really heard her. And so I sat at this mushroom so as not to press it too late, but something was missing. But when I turned around and saw that it was a boy with such sensitivity… Then know that you have such power by singing and liking such songs. This is truly super strength and power,” Urbańska summed up.

The viewers were also delighted with the young singer’s performance. “It was beautiful… I was moved”, “I’m glad that Cleo hit that mushroom. I couldn’t imagine that Santa Claus wouldn’t come”, “It’s beautiful. The magicians come through”, “A sensation, a beautiful repertoire, so many emotions” – fans wrote program.

“Mikołaj is 14 years old and a sociable and ambitious boy. He has been developing his musical abilities since early childhood. He graduated from a first-level music school in the accordion class. Since the age of six, he has been a member and soloist of a choir and a soloist of a brass band. His passions are singing, swimming and practicing water sports. In addition, he is very interested in the world of magic and fantasy and likes spending time with friends. In the future, he would like to become a dubbing actor,” we read on the website of “The Voice Kids”