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“Virgin River: Three interesting facts about the Netflix star. Breckenridge is the niece of a famous actor

Alexandra Breckenridgelike many young actresses starting their careers in Hollywood, she started with small roles in the biggest TV series hits of the last few decades. Although her film debut was in 2002 in the film “Big Fat Liar”, over the years she has appeared in, among others, in single episodes “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Charmed”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Lakes of Dreams” or “JAG: Military Investigation Bureau”.

She played larger roles in other and genre-different productions – He appeared in the first season of “American Horror Story” and played the role of Jessie Anderson in “The Walking Dead”and finally, it was remembered by fans of the American tearjerker, i.e “This is who we are” (“This Is Us”).

As Breckenridge herself jokes, Seth MacFarlane (creator of the animated series “Head of the House”) really likes her voice. Actress she has lent her voice to many characters over the years, including imitating celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Renee Zellweger.

Since 2019, Alexandra Breckenridge has been playing the role of the character of Mel Monroe in one of the most popular series Netflix“Virgin River”. Filming for the sixth season is currently underway the production still ranks among the platform’s most watched productions.

Privately, Breckenridge avoids scandals. She is the happy wife of Casey Cooper, a guitarist who has been working with the singer for years Katy Perry. The couple met at the 2012 Grammy Awards. In 2015 they got married. Today they are proud parents of two children – Jacek and Bille.

There are three interesting facts in Breckenridge’s biography. First – Her passion is photography, to which she devotes herself in every free moment, and her second passion is love for tattoos. The actress has several of them, but viewers will not see them in most series with her participation, because they are always covered, hidden under makeup, or removed by computer.

Both photography and tattoos give her the opportunity “creative self-expression”, especially photos that he says he “has complete control in creating.” What is unusual for actors, especially those active on social media, is that she and her husband share… culinary recipes and often describe their everyday life and related adventures.

Many viewers react with surprise to the news about… the Breckenridge family. It turns out that her uncle is Michael Weatherly, known for his role as Tony DiNozzo. Alex’s mother is the actor’s half-sister, and there is an age difference between them uncle and his niece is 14 years old.

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