Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Valentine’s Day with Polsat. Who does Roxie Węgiel want to see the world with?

Run by the duo Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and Kamil Baleja (in spring he will appear as a participant in the new edition “Dancing With the Stars. Dancing with the Stars”, which starts on March 3), the “Wonderful is Love” concert was organized on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Love songs were performed by artists representing all generations whom she supported Grott Orchestra under the baton Michał Grott.

The concert began Kuba Szmajkowski in a hit “Italodisco” (check!) from the repertoire of the Italian group The Colors.

Song “I want to see the world with you” (in orginal Zbigniew Wodecki and Zdzisława Sośnicka) were announced as the youngest duo of the evening Roxie Coal and Oskar Cyms. Let us remind you that the 19-year-old singer – who will also appear in “Dancing with the Stars” – is getting ready to marry the producer and composer Kevin Mglej. “Beautiful performance,” Roxie’s fiancé commented on Instagram.

It remains in the atmosphere of Polish hits from years ago Kuba Badach, who sang with feeling “Her Portrait” by Bogusław Mec (check!).

The rapper provided a change of mood Malik Montana in his piece “Inaccessible” (check!). It could have been a big surprise for Polsat viewers – it was his first time at a concert of this station.

On the other hand Kamil Bednarek (“Everything tells me that someone loves me” Skaldów) i Dawid Kwiatkowski (your song “Without you”) are often on the air. Kuba Badach returned to the stage to sing a duet with Alicja Majewska (“Chwile”), which he traditionally accompanied Włodzimierz Korcz. Ursula she recalled the hit “For you”. “Lots of love, not only today,” the singer wished the audience.

Two billion plays on streaming services – these are the results the rapper can boast of Tarry (“Big eyes” – check!). “Today will be a little different,” he announced, presenting a slightly softened version of his number.

Love hits are often associated with Italian songs, so after the commercial break “Ti amo” (the original from 1977 was performed by Umberto Tozzi) recalled Kuba Szmajkowski. After “You will be my lady” by Marek Grechuta he reached out Piotr Cugowski.

A romantic ballad “The Last One (Dance with me)” by Edyta Bartosiewicz she recalled, dressed in a long red dress Roxie Coala “You were a heartbeat” by Andrzej ZauchaKuba Badach. After a while, she also returned to the stage Ursulato perform on a special swing “Today I know”.

Dawid Kwiatkowski in accordance with the nature of the Valentine’s Day concert, he emphasized that he is a “Pop romantic” (this is the title of his latest album from which the song comes “What’s left for me”). He presented a slightly different opinion about Valentine’s Day Malik Montana in the song “Cheese” (“I’m not Romeo, you’re not Juliet”).

After the rapper appeared on stage Grzegorz Hyżywho sang the songs in one go “Film” and “Oh Lady!”. “One big love,” said the singer, who is the presenter’s husband Agnieszka Hyży (she hosted, among others, Polsat concerts and backstage shows “Dancing with the Stars” and “Your face sounds familiar”). Tarry performed with the support of the guitar “Ginger tea”a Oskar Cyms he sang “In the sky”.

At the end it was a sensation Alicja Majewska in an immortal hit “We will discover unknown love”.

During the concert, viewers could wish their other halves, some of them were displayed during the broadcast.