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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Actors who created the best portrayals of book characters in TV series

Cult Polish TV series “The Witcher” was broadcast from September 22 to December 15, 2002 on TVP2. It was based on a series of short stories by Andrzej Sapkowski from the collections “The Last Wish” and “Sword of Destiny”. The production consisted of 13 episodes, lasting approximately 45 minutes. While working on the series, a full-length film was also created .

He played the title role Michał Żebrowski and despite the poor general audience reception and a wave of criticism from reviewers, the actor remained in the viewers’ memory forever. Poles often compare him with Henry Cavill, who played Geralt in the later Netflix version. There are many opinions that Żebrowski did a much better job as the impersonator of the hero from Sapkowski’s literature.

Amy Adams is one of those actresses who, despite many outstanding acting roles, has not won a prestigious statuette such as an Oscar (she has been nominated six times). In the series adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn, “Sharp objects“, played the main character of a journalist who returns to her hometown after many years. Her goal is to solve a crime, but she also has to face childhood traumas.

Adams won an Emmy for her role. The Sharp Objects miniseries is available on HBO Max.

“Emigration XD” was based on a book written by the most mysterious figure of the Polish Internet – Malcolm XD, sold in 65,000 copies. It’s a crazy road comedy about the journey of two young guys from a very small town to the very UK.

They played the main characters Tomasz Włosok (Malcolm) and Michał Balicki (Stomil). And although the first man has a bigger role in the series, in my opinion it is Balicki who perfectly uses every minute on screen, smoothly delivering all the jokes and skits. Undoubtedly, both actors were perfectly matched to their roles, creating an unforgettable comedy duo. There is one more character in the series that I particularly remember – Michał Czernecki in the double role of Mr. Zbyszek and Mr. Wojtek. The actor’s incredible skills and the touching story of his character contributed to the timeless performance.

“Emigracja XD” is available on Canal+ Online.

Series “Mindhunter” is one of the best Netflix productions – both in the opinion of critics and viewers. The production created by David Fincher was based on the book “Mindhunter. “The Secrets of the Elite FBI Unit Dealing with the Hunting of Serial Criminals” by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The series tells the story of two FBI agents who develop profiling techniques. To do this, they visit prisons where they talk to serial killers. In this way, they learn the patterns of operation. psychopaths, which helps them fight criminals.

He plays the main role Jonathan Groff. Previously it could be seen, among others, in the series “Glee” or “Spojrzenia”. Its hero, Agent Holden, is a key figure in the process of developing the profiling technique. “Mindhunter” is available on Netflix.

A novel by Jakub Żulczyk Blinded by the lights was released in 2014. He started cooperation with Krzysztof Skonieczny, who was one of the first to read “Blinded…”. Together, they created a script for an eight-episode series that would soon be released on HBO.

“Blinded by the Lights” presents seven days in the life of Kuba Nitecki (Kamil Nożyński). Kuba is a reserved and inconspicuous Warsaw cocaine dealer. She is a perfectionist and likes to have everything in her life under control. Although he has many connections in Warsaw, mostly from the underworld, no one really knows much about him. He would like to completely change his life. He plans to go to Buenos Aires. But before he does that, he needs to take care of a few things.

The character that was particularly remembered by the audience is Dario, created by Jan Frycz. Even though the actor has many great roles, the one in “Blinded by the Lights” is considered by many to be the best in his career. Frycz played the role of an eccentric, demonic gangster who balances on the verge of madness. The actor himself is unrecognizable in this role – with a shaved head, a larger body and a tattoo on his chest.

“Blinded by the Lights” is available on HBO Max.

“Normal people” is a modern love story following the footsteps of Marianne and Connell – two young people who constantly circle each other. No time is right for their relationship, and each year their relationship becomes more and more complicated.

The series “Normal People” was based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Sally Rooney. The main roles are played by Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones. These were the first such big roles for the two young actors, but they coped with them with flying colors. They managed to create a credible duo, and there is no shortage of extreme emotions on screen. The chemistry between them is palpable.

“Normal People” is available on HBO Max.