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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Uroczysko”: The mystery of the death of a politician and a would-be miss this week in the series Czwórki

This week in the next episodes of “Uroczysko” commissioners Filip Ziomecki (Antoni Królikowski) and Agata Wilczewska (Katarzyna Ucherska) – they will deal with crimes related to the ill-fated elections and the victims of a would-be miss and a candidate for MP.

At the same time, Filip will still try to solve the family mystery from years ago. Searching for the truth about his mother’s death, he will decide to take a risky step, hoping to finally find the culprit. Meanwhile, Agata will receive a disturbing phone call from her ex-fiance and will leave for her hometown as quickly as possible.

No one expects how bloody the election spot for an MP candidate will end. When staroste Roch Olszak appears in Uroczysko, the police must provide him with protection. Someone from the town is threatening a politician. Career, love, ambition, family – everything is ground to pulp in an instant. And I mean that literally. The interrogations of the two suspects bring results. It turns out that both people have a motive. Agata has serious doubts about the motives of the bandit with whom Filip wants to make a deal. However, Father Marek also does not believe that cooperation with the criminal will bring them closer to finding out the truth about their mother’s death. Ziomecki won’t give up, even if he had to form an alliance with the devil…

Dr. Laura Kłys is attacked and loses consciousness. The last thing he remembers is the characteristic, sweet smell… The police have to find key evidence in the case that went missing from the pathologist’s office. They won’t be happy with themselves when they realize that they missed a very important clue. The mayor’s wife organizes a last farewell for the murdered politician, which also serves as an election rally. When a woman appears at the ceremony with a shard of glass in her hand, things get really dangerous. Filip and Dr. Michał feel guilty that they did not manage to react in time and protect someone so close to them. Agata receives a disturbing phone call from her ex-fiance. However, before she goes to her hometown, she will have to read one sentence written in the victim’s blood.

For Wioletta, the Miss pageant could not end with winning her dream title. She didn’t have time to appear in a swimsuit because… she was found dead in the dressing room. The rescuers called for help had no doubt that this was a matter for the police. A pair of constables, remotely supervised by commissioners, secure the crime scene and begin an investigation. The pathologist finds characteristic marks on the girl’s body, and Zuza finds an important object between the fins of the radiator. The beauty contest is still going on and it is still not known which of the women will be the most beautiful – Angelika, Vanessa, or maybe Kordas’ daughter? Agata comes to visit her mother, who is in hospital after surgery. Doctor Michał and… the commissioner’s future husband will also be at the patient’s bedside.

Continuation of the investigation into the case of the dead Miss. Filip shares with his brother information he obtained, not for free, from the bandit. He is sure that he has the man responsible for his mother’s death in his grasp. Meanwhile, the case of the murdered Wioletta is gaining momentum. Agata returns to Uroczysko, while one of the Miss candidates leaves the town in a hurry on the day of the final. The organizer of the gala does not intend to miss the elections – thanks to Filip, he will certainly see them, but… in the interrogation room. Girls taking part in the beauty pageant say it’s about having fun, not who wins. Are you sure?