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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

TOP 5 best TV series for learning English

Learning English by watching a series? It turns out that this is the most acceptable and often recommended method of learning a language. While following the actions of our favorite characters, we not only consolidate vocabulary, but also become familiar with the language, discover idioms and learn phrases used in slang. What's more, watching series in English favors the so-called language immersion, which involves complete “immersion” in a given language, which may translate into better learning outcomes.

Which series are best for learning English? See the titles we selected!

“Friends” is a cult sit-com telling the story of the six titular friends living in New York. The series will certainly appeal to lovers of light and funny productions. Watching “Friends” you can learn many idioms that Americans use every day. Moreover, the series helps discover American customs and culture.

“Friends” they have as many as 10 seasons. You can follow the activities of the Manhattan gang on the HBO Max platform or in Player.

“Dear Trouble” is a series absolutely loved by many people around the world. The plot revolves around the fate of a single mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory living in the charming town of Stars Hollow. The main characters share an extraordinary bond. The series talks about the difficulties of growing up, family relationships and the pursuit of true love. The title is full of brilliant humor, and fans of the series point to the dialogues as one of its best assets. For learning English “Dear Trouble” they will be suitable like few other productions.

“Dear Trouble” they have 7 seasons. The series can be watched on Netflix.

“Gossip Girl” is the perfect production to immerse yourself in the rich and intriguing world of New York high school students. The title presents the fate of students attending a prestigious school located in a wealthy district of New York – the Upper East Side. Their actions are followed and described on her blog by a mysterious person “Gossip Girl”. The lives of high school students in the series are not only lavish social gatherings and crazy parties, but also sinister intrigues and love affairs.

“Gossip Girl” has 6 seasons. All episodes are available on Netflix, HBO Max or Player.

“Sherlock” is a series about an extremely intelligent detective – Sherlock Holmes, who uses his above-average reasoning abilities to solve complex crime puzzles. Moreover, Holmes speaks beautiful English, which will certainly appeal to people who want to learn this language.

History “Sherlock” was completed in 4 seasons. The series can be watched on Netflix, PrimeVideo, Player or HBO Max.

“New Amsterdam Hospital” is something for fans of medical issues intrigued by the work of rescuers and doctors. The series tells the story of Dr. Max Goodwin, who becomes the new director of the titular “New Amsterdam” hospital. Dr. Goodwin uses quite original methods in managing the facility, and tries to put the well-being of patients above everything else. The production will appeal to people who want to learn some complicated medical vocabulary.

“New Amsterdam Hospital” has 5 seasons. The series is available on Netflix, SkyShowtime and Viaplay.