Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

iPhone running slow? There is a way

Apple phones boast a long support period and updates. Even models that are several years old receive new versions of the operating system and security support. Due to good optimization, they can serve us even for several years. However, this does not mean that they will never cause problems.

As in the case of phones from other manufacturers, also in this case we can follow a few simple steps. Thanks to them, our iPhone will work better than before.

One of the most important things in taking care of your phone is keeping your operating system updated. is no exception in this case, because iOS updates often bring significant improvements and support the security functions of our smartphone. The update is not only about new functions and interesting facts – it also improves the operation of some elements and reduces the risk that something will happen to our phone.

Appropriate information will appear on the screen when a new version of the software is available. We can also check ourselves whether we have any updates to install. We will do this from the settings and system information level.

iPhone often runs slowly because it has . We will not expand this in any way, so you should remove unnecessary files and applications. We will remove programs that we do not use from the desktop. It's worth getting rid of apps that only take up space.

The same applies to files such as SMS messages, videos and items saved e.g. from chats or as email attachments. Sometimes we may not even notice how many gigabytes our files that need to be deleted take up.

iPhone running slowly may be caused by too many graphics features and effects. On the one hand, they make our screen look nice and make using the phone great. On the other hand, they strongly affect not only battery life, but also the performance of the operating system.

If our phone is no longer fast enough, we can go to the settings, go to the general tab, and then in the accessibility settings select the option to reduce motion and increase contrast and reduce transparency.

The final option seems to be to factory reset the phone. This will allow us to start using it “anew” or will be a good option for preparing the device for sale. The way to reset your iPhone will vary and depends on the model you have. Individual cases


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