Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Tomasz Kot regrets appearing in Patryk Vega’s films

Tomasz Kot after a sensational cinema debut in “Condemned to the blues” (2005) the actor was involved in series productions for several years (he was the star of the sitcom “The Nanny”) and the world of comedy, and in 2010 he returned to serious acting with an excellent role in the intimate “Erratum” Marek Lechki.

Kot’s most outstanding cinematic performance, however, remains the role of Zbigniew Religa in the film “Gods”. Cooperation with Paweł Pawlikowski and the international success of “Cold War” turned the eyes of the world to him. When he first performed in English, he barely spoke the language. Today he communicates so well that he is offered roles by British actors.

Viewers recently saw Tomasz Kot in the title role in the film “Pani Kleksa’s Academy”. “What do I like most about Mr. Kleks? Kleks has some seventh sense thanks to which he knows that everything will be fine. I would like to be so sure and know what will happen in five minutes,” said Tomasz Kot in an interview with Interia. “At first, I was surprised that such an idea was being created (to create the “Pani Kleks Academy” – editor’s note). It was a big adventure in which I was willing to get involved,” he added.

Tomasz Kot was a guest in the “WojewódzkiKędzierski” podcast. He talked about the biggest failures in his career. Among the performances he regrets, he mentions Patryk Vega’s films and the production directed by Przemysław Angerman – “Integration Trip”.

“There was a moment when every actor in the country wanted to play with Patryk Vega. Critics praised Dorociński in “Pitbull”. (…) Patryk took me for some test shots, but I couldn’t (act with him) because I was making another season “Nanny”. Then there was “Hela in trouble”. At one point, Patryk says that “Ciacho” will be a Polish scam, cars will explode, and this has never happened in Poland before. Of course, I agreed,” he said in an interview with Wojewódzki. and Kędzierski, quoted by Plejada.

Tomasz Kot appeared in two Vega films: “Ciacho” and “Hans Kloss. The stakes are higher than death”. He particularly regrets his role in the latter of the above-mentioned titles, which debuted in Polish cinemas in 2012.

“It was an absolute failure,” he concluded. adding: “‘Ciacho’ didn’t work out. Patryk comes and says that maybe not in comedies, we’re going back to sharp male cinema. I thought it would be like ‘Pitbull’, only from World War II. In the meantime, there was also ‘Wyjazd’ integration’,” he said.

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