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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Top 5 most famous soap operas. They were a hit in the 90’s

Formerly Soap operas were an integral part of the afternoon for many teenagers. Nothing absorbed our attention more than a new intrigue involving our favorite characters and then waiting for the next episode. Although it might seem that series from distant countries are less attractive these days, they are they still attract hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers.

Some titles definitely stood out from others. So here we present top 5 most popular soap operasthat will remind you of old times.

Isaura’s slaves absolutely needs no introduction. It’s a Brazilian soap opera that since 1985 was broadcast on Polish television. During broadcast hours, hardly anyone was not sitting in front of the TV, waiting to see what the next episode would bring.

The soap opera tells the story the story of a beautiful and young woman Isaurs, who works as a slave in a mansion that owns a cotton plantation. Her light skin gave her special privileges, including: that he can take care of the house. Mr. and Mrs. Almeida, where she works, treat her almost like their own daughter. They take care of her development, the girl, unlike other slaves, can read and writeknows foreign languages ​​and even plays the piano.

Everything changes when the Almeida’s son, Leoncio, returns to the residence. The boy falls in love with the slave Isaura. The girl, however she rejects his advances. Leoncio does not give up, takes revenge on his beloved and does everything to seduce her.

Argentinian soap opera Fallen Angelfor the first time on Polish television screens appeared in 2000 on Polsat. Its opening theme song “Cambio Dolor” performed by Natalia Oreiro is known to each of us.

Production presents history Milagros, played by Natalia Oreiro. The girl is there an orphan raised in a monastery. She found herself there when her mother died during childbirth. After turning 18, Milagros she is employed in the residence of the wealthy Di Carlo family. Over time, it comes to light that Federico, the head of the family of the house, is her father. Years ago, he was in love with the new maid’s deceased mother. However, he could not marry her because he was destined for Luisa, the heiress of a fortune.

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Federico decides not admit to having an illegitimate daughter. Information about the child could ruin his chance to be a deputy. Milagros begins to take care of Angelika, Federico’s mother. The woman does not realize that the maid is her granddaughter.

Fashion for success” is a soap opera that definitely cannot be omitted from this list. It is not only one of the most popular, but also the longest series in the world. There was a series in Poland premiered in September 1994. It was last broadcast on Polish television in 2014while its episodes are still being recorded.

Soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” presents the history of a family Forrester. The relatives live in Beverly Hills, where they run a business together great fashion house. The Spectra family, which is also involved in the fashion industry, competes with them. Their the owners hate each otherwhich further fuels the fight on the market.

The conflict and rivalry of fashion giants are the background numerous intrigues in which children are involved Erica and Stephanie Forrester i.e. Ridge, Thorn, Kristen, Felicia. There is also no shortage of interesting events related to “Spectra Fashions”.

Esmeralda” is a telenovela produced in Mexicowhich captured the hearts of Poles at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s. It’s a gripping story that begins with the birth of two children. A girl is born in the rich Penarreal family, while a boy is born in the poor family.

Both births are delivered by Dominga, which states that the Penarreals’ daughter was stillborn. Crisanta, who takes care of the girl’s mother, convinces the midwife to do so the woman swapped newborns. In return, he gives her expensive emerald earrings.

After the replacement, it turns out that Dominga made a mistake, and the girl is alive. The woman keeps the whole situation a secret because she is afraid of her rich father’s revenge. He decides to raise himself child.

Yeah Mexican the soap opera appeared in Poland in 2009, a year after its world premiere. “Don `t play with Angel” depicts the life of Marichuya girl who turns 14 runs away from the orphanage. From then on, he starts living on the street. Candelaria extends a helping hand to her and starts treating her like her daughter.

However, Marichuy gets into a serious fight, which causes Judge Velarde he wants to send her to prison. Then it appears Juan Miguel, who decides to save the girl and give her a job in his house. With time they fall in love with each other and they decide to get married. However, the couple is full of adversities and secrets that can destroy the relationship.