Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

This watch is bullshit. It doesn’t measure sugar levels at all

in people with diabetes, it is crucial to monitor glucose levels, which helps manage diet, activities and the nature of treatment. Traditionally, blood sugar is measured using a glucometer, which requires pricking your finger to obtain a drop of blood. There are also more modern methods such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, which continuously track sugar levels through a sensor placed under the skin, providing a more comprehensive picture of glucose control without the need for constant pricks.

Currently, the most common measurement is that requiring the above-mentioned puncture. Although there is no blood sampling as in the case of tests, it is still burdensome. Even slight pain is even more irritating when it has to be initiated every day, sometimes even every few hours. The life of a diabetic is not easy, which is why we look so hopeful at the vision of watches that could measure sugar without pricking. But wait, some stores have watches that offer this functionality.

Unfortunately, reality is not as colorful as it may seem. In fact, recently smart watches have started to appear on the market, the functions of which include those responsible for measuring blood sugar levels. Without puncturing or installing subcutaneous sensors and other devices. Does it actually work? . The Food and Drug Administration, i.e. the American Agency, became interested in the case.

The agency has published on its website, in which it informs that this type of products do not work – which would be capable of measuring such parameters. So what do their sensors show if there is no evidence that they are working? Unfortunately, these are most likely completely imprecisely estimated data, or simply quite random numbers. Either way, people with diabetes should under no circumstances rely on data from such not-so-intelligent devices.

It’s one thing for a person to get the wrong results. It’s worse when, in accordance with them, he starts changing the way he takes medications, eats and other things that may. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to effectively measure sugar levels using a watch without pricking. We will probably have to wait a few more years for such technology, as Apple said last year.

A US company is developing its own . Currently, however, this project is not at a very advanced stage, and all devices advertised as modern and intended for diabetics are… Well, it is better not to be interested in them.