Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Daria Zawiałow and Rubens broke up. The musician spoke up

Daria Zawiałow At the end of October 2023, she released the long-awaited album “Pop Girl”. Last year was a time of changes for the star – great successes, as well as painful moments. Summarizing the year, she wrote: “This photo should be titled ‘Happiness in Misfortune’. And this moment perfectly illustrates my past year. 2023 was the best year of my life on many levels. On several others, it was the worst and most difficult,” she wrote in the media social media.

Zawiałow did not forget to thank her fans, family, but also “a handful of true friends” on whom she can always count. She omitted the person in her acknowledgments and recent posts Rubens – that is, her current partner on stage (he played the electric guitar in her band), but also in life.

Let us recall that Rubens and Daria Zawiałow confirmed that they were together in 2022, but they had known each other from the singer’s concert band since at least 2014. The guitarist co-wrote two songs for the debut album Zawiałow“A kysz”. The singer was married from 2016 to 2022 Tomasz Kaczmarek from the team The entire Periwinkle Mountainwhereas Piotr Rubik “Rubens” in 2017 he became a father.

Now Rubens has officially confirmed that their relationship is in the past. There have been rumors about it since August last year, when they both unfollowed each other on Instagram and their photo together disappeared from the Internet. So far, neither of them has commented on their life changes, until now.

“In my era of a happy single. In my era of an always proud dad. In my era of the second album,” he revealed to observers.