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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2964. Is this the end of her marriage? The decision is hers

In episode 2964, Franek will appear at Regina’s fitness club and invite her for dinner.

– Oh, is there any opportunity? – Czapla will be interested.

– Well… it is. I got a promotion, her husband will tell her.

Regina will kiss him, congratulate him on his success and say that he deserved a promotion like no other.

– You have practically been living in a unit for the last few months – he will remind his beloved.

Franek will tell his wife that he had already heard the rumors that he was being chosen as the unit’s commander a few weeks earlier, but he preferred not to take them seriously to avoid disappointment.

– Does this mean your boss is retiring? – Regina will be surprised.

– No, the boss will stay – Falkowski sighs.

– The problem is that my new unit is in Bydgoszcz – he will add.

Regina suddenly stops smiling. She will look her husband straight in the eye and ask him to tell her what he imagines their future will be like if he accepts the promotion and leaves.

– Will you come to us on weekends? – ask.

– We can all move there. I will get a company apartment, bigger than ours – says Franek, and when his wife asks what he should do with his club, he will remind her that she recently wanted to get rid of it.

– But I don’t want to anymore – Regina will make it clear.

– We are out of the hole, people are coming back, profits are growing… I won’t let this go! – he will get angry.

Falkowski will suggest that she move her business to Bydgoszcz.

– What? Can you hear yourself? I would have to start from scratch there, I have some position, good opinions… Why did you accept this offer without asking me for my opinion? – he will hear.

– I didn’t have time to hesitate – Franek will say and ask his wife to think it over.

The same day, after Regina’s recital, Justin notices that the pianist is behaving differently than usual. She will immediately know that something is bothering her.

– I don’t want to impose, but you know… If you’re in any trouble, maybe I can help you somehow. Maybe we’ll talk? Sometimes it’s good to talk, he says.

The heron will thank him for his concern, but will not want to burden him with his problems.

– You’ve already done enough for me. You let me get back to music – he will smile.

– And the confidences? I don’t know you well enough… – he will say.

– Maybe it’s time to get to know each other better – whispers Skotnicki.

– I have a husband – Regina will say.

– But you don’t want to talk it over with him – Justin won’t give up.

We reveal that Czapla will confide her concerns to Aldona (Elżbieta Romanowska), and she will advise her to support her husband, because if she forces him to resign from accepting the promotion, he may never forgive her.

Will Regina sell her fitness club and move to Bydgoszcz with Frank? Or maybe he will risk a long-distance relationship?

For the broadcast of the 2964th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Tuesday, March 19 at 8:10 p.m.