Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

They call her a “Generation Z heroine.” Karin Ann invites you on a journey to beauty and bliss

Karin Ann (check!) is called “the new voice of Generation Z”. The 21-year-old singer has already accumulated over 11 million views of her songs. The Slovak pop sensation has a great year ahead of him, and he’s kicking it off with the first single from his new album. Song “she” (Look!) is a captivating journey to beauty and bliss.

The text presents a mysterious, independent character who does not care about the opinions of others. It emphasizes the young singer’s commitment to honesty towards her own beliefs and values. They joined the artist vocally and as producers Benjamin Lazar Davis With Okkervil River and Joan As Police Woman.

“I don’t go into too much detail about my songs. I like to let people discover their own meanings and relate them to their own lives. My struggle with insomnia often leads me to write during sleepless nights. It was on one such night, while scrolling through my phone, that I came across a sentence that inspired me to actions. Most of my songs are sad or melancholic, but this particular lyric was different. Writing positive songs is a challenge for me, so I felt that creating this character gave me the freedom to explore new territory with ‘she’,” says Karin Ann.

The Slovakian’s work touches on gender equality, mental health and human rights. Observing the internal struggles of young people, he focuses on slogans such as young love, toxic relationships and insecurity. She also touches on her experiences growing up as a queer woman in Slovakia.

The premiere of the single “she” coincided with the performance at New York Fashion Week. The next stages of the conquest of the USA are to include, among others: performance at SXSW and a series of SoFar Sounds shows in select US cities.

In the fall of 2023, Karin Ann released two singles in collaboration with the American production duo Tuskwhich was accompanied by a two-part video series featuring Ashley Moore and Gus Kenworthy. Part 1 was combined with Karin Ann’s single “a stranger with my face”, while part 2 was combined with her song “favorite star”. Together, the music and visuals create a clear path illustrating the struggle and development of young queer people in the process of self-discovery, acceptance and sharing their identity with the world.

The singer was recognized as “Discovery of the Year” at the Czech Republic Music Awards, appeared on a billboard in Times Square as part of Spotify’s EQUAL music program, and in 2021 won the award for best music video at the Munich Music Awards. She played concerts with LP (Laura Pergolizzi), Imagine Dragons, Alfie Templeman and My Chemical Romance. In Poland it preceded her on the route sanah.

His song “babyboy” (listen!) dedicated to the LGBTQ community in our country. “Today I would like to dedicate this song to LGBTQIA people from Poland, because I know it’s not easy for you here,” she said straight to the camera in “Pytanie na breakfast” on TVP in 2021.

“You deserve love, you deserve to feel safe. I am with you and I love you. You can do it. Be strong,” she added.