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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For better or for worse”: Episode 912. “Conceited and swaggering”. The whole Internet is buzzing about Falkowicz!

– Professor, it’s so good to see you! – the elder woman will ask Mr. Andrzej, who will be convinced that it is about medical advice.

– What’s going on… Are you listening? – Falkowicz will ask.

(…) Well, tell me, what happened? – Mrs. Trzeciakowa will beat him to the punch.

– Why do you think something happened?

– Because something must have happened – says the senior.

– Are you having any problems at work? Have you maimed or, God forbid, killed someone? – he won’t give up.

– Why would I kill someone? – Falko will start to worry.

– Because you are a doctor, so you are close to life and death – he will hear in response.

– Mrs. Trzeciak, this conversation irritates me more and more. What are you talking about?

– So you don’t know anything?

– What don’t I know?

– Haven’t you read it? – Trzeciakova will ask, and then she will answer her own question:

– Well, he didn’t read it!

– I admit that I haven’t read it… Just tell me what I haven’t read – Falko asks.

– Aaah, you have to read it yourself! – says Trzeciakowa.

– I guess that’s it. Dad, you have a lot of negative opinions on the Internet – Matylda, who is introduced to the topic, will inform him.

– But how? How is this possible? – he won’t be able to believe what Falko hears.

– Possible! Patients rate their doctors after each visit.

– Well, I know… I just wonder why someone could be dissatisfied with their visit to me?

– Exactly – says Mrs. Jadzia (Aldona Jankowska) ironically.

– I just can’t wrap my head around it. I am the best doctor in my field in Warsaw and the surrounding area! – Andrzej assesses himself with innate modesty.

– Actually… – the housekeeper will try to say something.

– You’re right, Mrs. Jadzia… and actually throughout Poland! – the professor won’t let her speak.

– I did not say anything! – Jadzia will notice.

Matylda will start reading aloud more opinions about Falko.

“I went to this doctor encouraged by good reviews and I regret it because I couldn’t have been more disappointed…”

– Reviews? Am I some kind of pizza guy or something? – Andrzej will be outraged.

“Falkowicz may be a good diagnostician. At least that’s his reputation in the city, but his approach to the patient leaves much to be desired,” read Matylda.

– Interesting, interesting… maybe some specifics? Huh? – Falkowicz snorts.

“He treated me with blatant superiority. He didn’t answer my questions.”

– This is slander! People are really mean!

“He’s cocky and swaggering.”

– Brash??? What does swaggering mean? – the professor will get angry.

“I felt like a test subject, not a human being.”

– I! After all, I am super professional, educated beyond human standards, I am… I am… – Andrzej is breathless with indignation.

Who wants to harm Falkowicz and why?

We would like to inform you that the 912th episode of “For good and bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 6 at 20.55 on TVP2.