Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The winner of the Golden Fryderyk sharply criticizes the gala. “I will never accept an invitation”

Golden Fryderyk Awards are honorary distinctions awarded by the Council of the Phonographic Academy to artists who have made particular contributions to Polish musical culture. In 2024, the popular music category was honored Martyna Jakubowicz (check!) – one of the most recognizable Polish singers and composers.

“For her, blues and folk are just an excuse to create her own, very personal music,” he wrote about her Marek Garztecki in “Przekrój” in 1980, and Jakubowicz has been proving that this is true for years. Track “There is no free love in concrete houses” (1982) occupied the first position on the Radio Three charts for many weeks. Recently, she recalled the hit in a modern version – with a hip-hop duo PRO8L3M.

“The Girl with Edward's Music Box” (1995) and “Okruchy Życie” (2010) were nominated for the Fryderyk Award, but the singer received the statuette only in 2016 for the album “Prosta Song”, of which she was also a co-producer. Jakubowicz has released 15 albums, the last one “Zwykły włódęga” – in 2018.

This year's gala in Gliwice is behind us – its biggest winner (five statuettes) was Lech Janerkawho, however, did not appear in person.

After the ceremony, Martyna Jakubowicz wrote a few bitter words of summary – in her opinion, “commerce and prestige” should be separated.

“For me, it was another celebrity festival broadcast by TVN. The awarding of the Fryderyk Awards took place partly without cameras. Promotion on TV of performers associated with publishing corporations in a large hall where you couldn't hear anything!!!! But it's not about the music, it's about the picture. Great! Back to the cave!” – the Golden Fryderyk winner is nervous.

In an extensive entry, she describes what her stay in Gliwice was like, including: problems with lack of wardrobe and access to toilets.

“The only Lech Janerka who won several Fryderyk awards was the smartest and did not appear. This lesson will not go to waste. (…) I will never, but never, accept an invitation to such a disastrous, hopeless, poorly organized and senseless event. (.. .) dear industry, let's work! Either money or prestige! And let's stop saying that accepting this award is prestige. Greetings to all those who suffered in the noise, without a wardrobe, without the opportunity to drink tea! And I will gladly accept the award for Patient The artist along with a financial allowance for over 40 years of patient management in this damn mess! And that's all. Greetings to my friends, acquaintances and all fans who have stuck with me for so many years! – Martyna Jakubowicz finally summed up.

Fryderyki are prestigious awards of the Polish music industry. Since 1995, they have been awarded by the Phonographic Academy – a jury appointed by the Association of Audio Video Producers, which selects the competition winners through a secret, two-stage vote. The exception are the winners of the Golden Fryderyk Awards – an honorary distinction awarded unanimously by the Academy Council, representing the Phonographic Academy, to artists who have made particular contributions to Polish musical culture.

This year's Popular Music and Jazz Gala was divided into three parts: Superstars, Discoveries and Giants. Some of the statuettes (as every year in recent years) were awarded outside the television broadcast. Apart from Lech Janerka, statuettes were also awarded to, among others: Daria Zawiałow, Daria from Silesia, Hania Rani, Mruzu and Łona x Konieczny x Krupa.