Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Rebel Wilson: A famous actor intimidated her and once hurt her on the set. She revealed his name

“Now this ass… is trying to threaten me! He has hired a crisis management lawyer, as well as lawyers. He is trying to get my book stopped. But the book WILL come out and you will soon know the whole truth,” assured Rebel Wilson on social media.

For a long time it was not known which star she was talking about, even though the actress had already mentioned him in one of the interviews.

“When I came to Hollywood, my colleagues told me that they had a rule never to work with a dude… It sounded sensible and logical. However, only later did I realize the true meaning of these words. It was about older working people. in this industry. Because I undoubtedly worked with a real du…, now I also implemented the rule: no du…! And you can read about this du… in chapter 23 of my diaries,” the Australian confessed.

Wilson must have had enough of the attacks from her former “colleague” on the set, because she decided to reveal his name now, without waiting for the premiere of the book.

“I will not allow myself to be persecuted or silenced by richly paid lawyers or crisis management lawyers. The du… whom I described in one chapter of my book is Sacha Baron Cohen,” the star wrote in her Instagram story.

Let us recall that Wilson revealed a few years ago that she was a victim of harassment on the set of one of her films. “One day he called me to his dressing room and took off his pants in the presence of other people who were there at the time. His friends started laughing and tried to record the whole incident on their phones,” she said, but did not reveal who she was talking about.

“It happened before #MeToo. He wouldn't get away with it today. Then they tried to intimidate me and destroy me. It was just disgusting. Since I'm a lawyer by profession, I knew what to do. I documented everything, called my agent and took care of it so that people in the industry know what happened. It turned out that I was his fourth victim,” Wilson revealed.

The Australian recently appeared in the drama “As Long as You Remember Me” and the comedy “Back to High School”. She will soon be seen in the production of “The Deb”, which is her directorial debut. A comedy with elements of a musical will tell the story of Tylor Simpkins, a high school student. The teenager will start preparing for the upcoming debutante ball, which will also be an attempt at the girl's self-acceptance. “This project is unique and original. We are using the best musical resources in the world and the most fantastic Australian talents to bring it to the screen,” assured the star.