Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A unique discovery in Egypt. Rare inscriptions were found there

An Egyptian-German archaeological group, the German part of which is associated with the German Archaeological Institute, discovered a previously unknown mastaba, i.e. a type of ancient. The discovery was made during excavations in an ancient cemetery.

comes from the Old Kingdom (approx. 2700 BC – approx. 2200 BC), so it is over 4,000 years old.

There are still many such discoveries in Egypt and new archaeological sites report amazing finds.

This time, scientists were surprised by what they found in the tomb. There are inscriptions and depictions of scenes from everyday life, such as threshing grain, ships sailing on the Nile and a marketplace.

Such scenes as in the discovered inscriptions are unusual in the cities of this area, the ancient complex of pyramids and necropolises -. The building is built of mud bricks and was made for a person named “Seneb-Neb-Af”, and his wife “Idet”.

Thanks to the inscriptions, it is also known that the people resting in the tomb were important. Seneb-Neb-Af probably held several positions in the royal palace, and Idet had the titles of “Priestess of Hathor” and “Lady of Sycamore”.

so Seneb-Neb-Af and Idet also enjoyed good standing in the Palace and the temple.

It turns out that the discovered tomb is only the beginning of further excavations. Following this success of the Egyptian-German archaeological group, Dr. Stefan Seidlmayer, head of the archaeological mission, said that excavations would continue at the site to clean and document the inscriptions on the mastaba.