Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Voice Kids”: They thought it was a girl singing. Who accompanied him behind the scenes?

The next edition started at the end of February “The Voice Kids”, in which participants aged 8-14 compete. Down Cleo and Baron and Tomson from Group Afromental she joined as a trainer Natasza Urbańskawhich replaced Dawid Kwiatkowski.

One of the participants in Saturday’s episode was a 14-year-old Mateusz Pierożekwhich achieved a hit “Mori” by Dawid Podsiadło (check!).

“It’s actually a girl, right? Or a boy?” – Cleo wondered. “I don’t really know, because when you said boy, I heard a girl in the voice,” Tomson replied to her. “She has an interesting vocals,” said Cleo, who was ultimately the only one to turn her red chair around.

The video of his performance already has over 40,000 views. views and is the most popular performance from Saturday’s episode.

Mateusz has been training vocally for six years. Singing is his great passion. Thinking about his future today, the 14-year-old associates it exclusively with singing and development in this field, but he is also interested in issues related to voice rehabilitation.

Interestingly, Cleo’s protégé appeared in the previous edition of “The Voice Kids” – then as backstage support for her best friend, Julia Dąbrowska. Now the roles were reversed and it was the girl who was keeping her fingers crossed for him. The emotions were so great that tears were shed.

Mateusz and Julia sing together in the Tanto band operating at the Culture and Sports Center in Skawina.