Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Antoni Krupa is dead. He was a musical legend of Krakow

As reported by Radio Kraków, Antoni Krupa (born March 23, 1945) as a musician, he played, among others, With Marek Grechuta and the Jazz Band Ball Orchestra. As a journalist and music expert, he took part in a BBC radio program about the legendary recording session Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”. As a colorful commentator on the Krakow music scene, he wrote a book full of anecdotes about the history of Krakow jazz “City of Blue Notes”.

He recorded his own album “Amela – blues with flowing hair in the wind”, which was published by Radio Kraków in 2012. Most of the songs on the album were composed by an outstanding Polish composer and guitarist who died in September 2013 Jarek Śmietana.

He was supported in the recordings by, among others: Jorgos Skolias, Karolina CygonekAmerican jazz singer Harriert Levis, Magda Piskorczyk and Agnieszka Łapkaand Paweł “Baby” Mąciwoda (bassist of the group Scorpions), Antek Dębskione of the founders of the band Brathanki Stefan Błaszczyński (flute, interrupters), Tomasz Kudyk (trumpet) and playing percussion instruments Adam Czerwińskicooperating with, among others, Nigel Kennedy and Jarek Śmietana.

“Antoni Krupa promoted and helped young talented bands and performers to appear on the air and in the music world. He was a treasure trove of knowledge about jazz and blues,” it was written on the Radio Kraków website.