Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The recording from the store became an internet hit! It’s surprising what a “Walmart kid” looks like today

Many Internet users probably remember the famous recording from one of the American stores. In 2018, 12 years old Mason Ramsey He took the Internet by storm, although few people actually knew who he was. A bit stressed, with a huge buckle on his belt, a bow tie and massive cowboy boots, he was yodeling in one of the Walmart stores in Illinois. He took the song for granted Hank Williams – “Lovesick Blues”.

The “yodeling kid”, as the American media called him, instantly became a sensation. In just a week, the short recording was viewed over 25 million times, and the world remembered the work of the legendary country artist. Exactly 70 years after Williams’ version was released, the song entered Spotify’s top 50 viral hits in 2018. So far, Ramsey’s video has been viewed 87 million times.

He quickly released his debut EP “Famous”, and DJ Whethan invited him to the stage during the Coachella festival, where he performed for the first time in front of an audience of several thousand people. He also appeared on the popular talk show “The Elen DeGeneres Show”. Just a year later, he joined Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus and Young Thug in a remix of the song “Old Town Road”.

His popularity resulted in him signing a contract with Atlantic, and due to his success in the world of country music, the YMCA placed him on the list of the 15 most promising people under 15 years of age. In 2020, he appeared in an advertisement for the fast-food chain Burger King, and two years later, thanks to the song “Before I Knew It” from the EP “Twang” (2019) and the viral activity of TikTok, he became famous again. The 16-year-old singer then revealed that he writes his own songs and also works for the Subway sandwich chain.

In June 2023, the singer’s first single in four years was released, “Reasons to Come Home”, which heralded the mini-album “Falls Into Place” released in October of that year. Listeners were surprised by the maturity with which the 17-year-old singer approached his new recordings. In the song, he talked about homesickness and thanked his grandparents for their upbringing and care. “I played them this song as soon as it was recorded. They were very sad and they really liked it because it was about them, my hometown, and it talked about how when they’re gone, I’ll have no reason to come home because they are the main reason. They cried. It was very emotional,” he said in an interview with People magazine. “Just appreciate your family while you still have it,” says the young singer.

Despite recording his own songs, Ramsey is often asked to recreate the “Lovesick Blues” performance. Even six years ago, his voice mutation was not so advanced – now it has become more difficult for him. As he admitted in an interview, thanks to exercises he still manages to achieve the color that made the audience fall in love with him. “Believe it or not, I was at the lake where I spend about a month every summer. It was at the very end (of the vacation – note) and I had just gotten sick. I started singing ‘Lovesick Blues’ because I had been trying to get that yodel voice back for a while. After I just started singing and after the first yodel I did it. It was unbelievable.”

In January this year, his next single was released – “Here All Day”. The singer is still very popular on social media – including: on TikTok and Instagram, where he posts private recordings, but also outdoor versions of song clips.

Recently he boasted about announcing a new song – “Blue Over You”which will appear online on February 23.