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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Colors of Happiness”: Hubert will have a family “failure”! He will have to explain himself

Hubert will have a family “failure” because – just before leaving for the USA – he assures Asia that he will return to her… unaware that Marysia is nearby.

“- I’m an adult and I know how I feel… Don’t treat me like a teenager who will fly to the United States and change his mind! When I say that I don’t love Klara anymore, that’s how it is. When I say that I will come back to you, that’s how it will be …Trust me…” – Hubert will assure Asia.

And when the little girl sees her father and her “aunt” kissing, she will be shocked – and in the finale, Pyrka will make a lot of effort to explain the whole situation to her daughter.

“- Mom and I are no longer together… Mom is in the United States, we are here… And I love you very much. It hasn’t changed and will never change…

– You can only kiss your mom! (…) Aunt Asia wants to take you!

– Honey, it’s not like that… Mom and I can’t get along… And I like Aunt Asia… Maybe it’s all too early… but mom doesn’t want to come back here, and I won’t be alone forever! Was he able to convince his daughter?

Subsequent episodes of “Colors of Happiness” can be watched from Monday to Friday at 8:10 p.m. on TVP2.