Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The most watched series on Netflix. What are Poles watching right now?

The most watched series, which it became just one day after its premiere, is currently “”. It is a science fiction production about five scientist friends who make various breakthrough discoveries. Unfortunately, one of them carries a deadly threat. The series is based on the book of the same name by Cixin Lui.

“”, which debuted on the platform a few weeks ago, is still high on the list of the platform's most popular series. It is a crime comedy about a man who inherits a property. It turns out to be something extremely valuable.

Recently, a true crime documentary series appeared on Netflix. It features prosecutors and detectives who talk about the most difficult murder cases they have ever handled. The creator is Dick Wolf, responsible for the series “Law and Order”.

After almost a month after the premiere, “”, the third season of the popular Polish production, is still in the ranking of the most watched series. The characters known from previous seasons appear on the screens again. The plot focuses on solving the puzzles from the previous parts. With the appearance of new characters, viewers will also learn about their fates and the secrets related to them.

It is also worth watching the series “”. It's a Spanish thriller about a drug empire in the port of Barcelona. It is managed by Joaquin Manchado, but one of the deliveries causes problems not only for his business, but also for his family. The production has eight episodes.