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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Do you remember “Big Kids”? It was a nightmare for Wojciech Mann

Wojciech Mann is one of the most recognizable Polish journalists. Over the years, he hosted many interesting programs and became a television and radio personality. Currently, he is associated with Radio Nowy Świat, where he hosts the program “Poranna Manna”.

In his presenting career, Wojciech Mann had an episode of hosting a program whose main characters were children. Children aged up to 9 years old spoke on various topics, touching the audience with their logic and sincere statements.

However, not everyone was 100% thrilled with this format. Wojciech Mann revealed some behind-the-scenes information and unfortunately the reality was different from the charming TV episodes. Who got hurt the most?

The journalist primarily criticized the parents whose children participated in the program.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it was a massacre. These parents almost went to their heads and beat these children. They shouted: 'why don't you speak up, why don't you raise your hand?'. Others prepared them, stole topics against the rules. They taught by heart children with different answers. These terrified children sat and waited for this question, which they had memorized by heart. The parents were the most terrible,” Wojciech Mann summed up.

He said that sometimes the children also made him lose his cool and that they even “infuriated him.” It turns out that the program was not as colorful and joyful as it seemed, even though many of us have fond memories of sitting in front of the TV to watch resolute kids.