Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Roxie Węgiel and “Dancing with the Stars”. She predicted this years ago?

The program returns to the air “Dancing With the Stars. Dancing with the Stars” has undergone a significant metamorphosis. Participants are assessed by: Iwona Pavlovićactress Ewa Kasprzykdancer Rafał Maserak and choreographer Tomasz Jan Wygoda.

He became the choreographer of the program Tomasz Barański. He watches over the costumes of dancers and stars Martyna Łachand he took up directing Wojciech Iwański. The proven duo remained as presenters Krzysztof Ibisz and Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna. The winner will receive a Crystal Ball, PLN 100,000. PLN (for the star) and 50 thousand PLN (for the dancer).

The youngest participant of the 14th edition at Polsat is 19 years old Roxie Coal (check!), which she accompanies on the dance floor Michael Kassin.

When Roxie was 13 years old, she appeared on the “Pytanie na breakfast” program. She then mentioned that dancing was her passion. “I don't rule out returning to dancing and there is a program like 'Dancing with the Stars', so…” she wondered.

As you can see, after many years she fulfilled her dream. It is worth noting, however, that she approached the topic very sensibly. She had been invited to the program before, but she decided to take part in the show only now. “Before, I didn't feel ready yet. (…) Now I feel that it's the perfect moment. I'm also preparing for a concert tour, so these trainings on stage will be useful for me. Dancing is a passion for me. I like dancing very much. It was the main the reason why I decided to participate in this program,” she said in an interview with Radio Zet.

Currently, Roxie is the favorite on the show. When listening to the sounds of a hit song “Gimme Gimme Gimme” groups ABBA (Look!) Roxie and Michał danced the Pasodoble, they scored a total of 40 points – each of the jurors gave a ten. Such a situation occurred only for the second time in this edition. “I can't breathe! I'm glad I have all my teeth, otherwise they would fall out! It was top of the top!” – commented Iwona Pavlović.