Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The most popular series on Netflix right now. This is what we like to see

The most watched series currently is “”, even though the production premiered on the platform only a few days earlier. It is a crime comedy about a man who inherits a property. It turns out to be something extremely valuable.

“”, a German science fiction drama, quickly won the hearts of viewers. The series tells the story of the family of the missing astronaut Paula. The women’s relatives are trying to get as much information about her as possible, but the more they know, the more danger they find themselves in. The production has four episodes, so it is perfect to watch on a long, free evening or weekend.

“”, the third season of the popular Polish production, is also still popular. On the screens we again see characters known from previous seasons, played by, among others, by Magdalena Różczka or Dawid Ogrodnik. The plot focuses on solving the puzzles from the previous parts. With the appearance of new characters, viewers will also learn about their fates and the secrets related to them.

Just a day after the premiere, the third and final season of the series “” debuted in the top 10 Netflix series ranking (although without the last episode, which will be released on March 18). It is a story about a teenage pretender to the Swedish throne who meets the love of his life and discovers his own sexuality at boarding school. The series was loved by millions of teenagers around the world.

The children’s fairy tale “” is still on the list of the most popular series. The production is a film adaptation of a popular series of books by Anita Głowińska. On the website you can find compilations containing all episodes of the first and second seasons.