Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Eddington”: Ari Aster’s new film. In the cast: Emma Stone, Austin Butler, Joaquin Phoenix

“Eddington”, this is the title of the new project Ari Aster, creators of the films “Because he’s afraid”, “Midsommar. In broad daylight” and “Dziedzictwo. Hereditary”. Filming is scheduled to begin in Albuquerque in just a few days.

The main characters of the film are Lindsay and Marc. They intend to reach Los Angeles, but they run out of fuel in the titular town in New Mexico. Its inhabitants are extremely kind to them and offer help. So Lindsay and Marc stay the night, but then everything turns into a nightmare.

The cast of the production is very impressive. It included Emma Stone, elated after winning the second Oscar in her career. At her side we will see the star of “The Last of Us”, who will soon play in “Fantastic Four”, i.e. Pedro Pascal, as well as Austin Butler, who, after his wonderful portrayal of Elvis Presley, is now triumphing thanks to the epic production “Dune: Part Two” . “Eddington” will also be there Joaqin Phoenixwho appeared in Aster’s previous film – “Because he’s afraid”.

The project, which is being developed for the A24 studio, will also feature: Luke Grimes, Deirdre O’Connell, Micheal Ward and Clifton Collins Jr. Aster will act as director, screenwriter and producer on the set. The cinematography was done by two-time Oscar nominee Dharius Kjondji.