Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The great disco polo hit in a new version in the Netflix hit. Who sings “Mama Warned”?

“Chef Oliwia, tricked into going to the countryside to save her grandmother's farm, falls in love with a handsome farmer who hides a secret,” we read in the film's description “Nothing by force”.

In the comedy filmed in Podlasie, the main roles were played by, among others: Anna Szymańczyk, Artur Barciś, Cezary Żak, Anna Seniuk, Mateusz Janicki, Paulina Holtz and Filip Gurłacz.

It was the 34-year-old Gurłacz who achieved the hit in the Netflix production “Mom warned” groups Make It Louder (listen!). The original version from 2019 was the debut of this discopol band led by the singer Emilia Sanecka.

The clip for this recording has over 211 million views. Numerous remakes and parodies, including even the pilgrimage version, were also a hit on the Internet.

Filip Gurłacz already sang the song “Mama warned” in the 13th edition of the program “Your face sounds familiar” (fall 2020). He took second place in the Polsat show, losing only to Chadoman. Actor known, among others, from series “M like love”, “The Pack”, “Head-Over in Love” and “First Love” he made the biggest splash as Eminem and Harry Stylesbut the performance as the star of Daj To G Głosniej gained over a million views and recognition from Emilia Sanecka herself.

The team from Syców appeared, among others, as one of the concert stars Dancing National 2019, New Year's Eve Power of Hits in Polsat (2019, 2020) or Wedding Hits Festival 2020.

Singer Emilia Sanecka also took part in the Polish preselections for Eurovision in the program “A chance for success. Eurovision 2020”. The next hits were the songs “Dobrze” (12 million views, listen!), “Crazy Night” (24 million), “Andrzej Wretch” (20 million), “Wesele w Dubai” (18 million), “Get Out Girl” (18 million) and “I'm in the mood” (12 million).

In May 2021, the group released their debut album “Folk Disco”, which contains as many as 21 songs. He is the guitarist, originator and manager of Daj To G Głosniej Tobiasz Hesprivately Emilia Sianecka's fiancé.