Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Kirsten Dunst on the kissing scene in Spider-Man. He doesn't spare bitter words

In 2002, “Spider-Man” directed by Sam Raimi, in which he played the title role Tobey Maguire. She played his beloved Kirsten Dunst. While guesting on “The Jonathan Ross Show”, the “Melancholia” star recalled working on this production, and specifically filming the iconic kissing scene in the rain. The 41-year-old actress revealed that although the final effect delighted millions of viewers, shooting the said part of the picture was very uncomfortable for the performers.

Dunst revealed that the creator of the picture attached great importance to this scene from the very beginning.

“I remember Sam gave me a book about the most famous movie kisses so I could be inspired by them. He really wanted this scene to be really special. In fact, doing so was quite a miserable experience.” – Dunst admitted with disarming honesty.

The reason for this state of affairs was not the actress' reluctance towards her on-screen partner or his lack of skills, but problems resulting from the specific nature of the shot. The winner of the Cannes Palme d'Or jokingly compared the shooting of this scene to… first aid technique called artificial respiration.

“It was raining, it was cold, Tobey couldn't breathe, so it was almost like I was resuscitating him,” the star revealed.

Dunst's latest professional project is the dystopian action film “Civil War“, in which the actress stars, among others, Wagner Moura and her husband Jesse Plemons. The plot centers around a group of journalists who make their way through the United States, which is plunged into civil war, to reach the capital and conduct one last interview with the president.

The production receives very enthusiastic reviews. The title received 92% on the opinion-forming website Rotten Tomatoes. positive reviews from critics. The Polish cinema premiere of “Civil War” is scheduled for April 12.

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