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Jacob Mendez

“The Gentlemen”: Is Netflix preparing another hit? The new series premieres in March

Series “Gentlemen” is inspired by Guy Ritchie’s 2020 film of the same title. In the production taking place in the London underworld, we followed the story of an American who built an empire of illegal drugs in London and is now trying to withdraw from the market. However, he encounters major obstacles.

Then he played the main role Matthew McConaughey. We also saw Hugh Grant, Charie Hunnam, Henry Goldin and Eddie Marsan in the film.

In the series “The Gentlemen” Eddie Horniman (Theo James) unexpectedly inherits a large country estate from his father – which turns out to be a marijuana empire. In addition, quite a large team of pleasantries from the British underworld want to have a share in this business. Eddie decides to free the family from their clutches and defeat the gangsters with their own weapons. However, the more he is drawn into the criminal universe, the more he begins to like it – we read in the Netflix description.

The production will also feature, among others: Ray Winstone, Giancarlo Esposito, Kaya Scodelario, Joely Richardson and Vinnie Jones. Guy Ritchie he wrote the script for the pilot episode together with Matthew Read (“Curfew”), and is also responsible for directing the first two episodes.

Ritchie came up with the idea for “The Gentlemen” almost a decade ago, but at that time he was trying to translate the concept of a man trying to quit his drug life into a TV series. When these plans did not come to fruition, the Briton decided to change the initial idea and shorten it by a few threads in order to make a cinematic film.

“I always wanted to look at different social extremes in Great Britain and the United States in a good entertainment film,” says Ritchie. “Over the years, my characters have matured and began to seek luxurious pleasures, even though they remain criminals and drug dealers. This contrast opens up a lot of possibilities.”

In turn, in one of his recent interviews, he admitted: “When you realize how much you can immerse yourself in this universe, television becomes very attractive,” he said in an interview with Time.

The premiere of the series “Gentlemen” is scheduled for March 7. The eight-episode production will appear on Netflix.

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