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Jacob Mendez

Millions cried to them. Here are the most famous love songs!

Every artist who has achieved enormous popularity has at least one such song. Some even built their entire careers on romantic songs. You can’t help but know these hits about love.

This song is considered a romantic classic – I think the saxophone did its job – although it describes more of an “it’s complicated” situation. George has mentioned many times that he used to be a chubby, bespectacled kid who was far from the most popular kid in school. The future star had a crush on his sisters’ friends, but they didn’t pay any attention to him at all. When the artist changed his image as a teenager, he suddenly stopped having problems dating girls, including those who previously didn’t even want to look at him.

What’s more, the musician dated several people at once and that’s what he later wrote his big hit about. 18-year-old Michael worked as a DJ in a pub and dreamed of singing. The singer used every free moment to write songs, so it’s no wonder that the story “Careless Whisper” started… on the bus. The famous saxophone part came to the artist’s mind exactly when he was paying for the fare. By the way, only the ninth musician hired for the session managed to play this fragment exactly as George wanted. In any case, Michael perfected it idea for a song together with Andrew Ridgeleywith whom he founded Whoa! and this is how one of those songs was created that half the world can recognize “by one note”.

He had a hand in creating one of the best covers in the history of music Kevin Costner. The actor was looking for the right song for the film.Bodyguard” and hit an old hit Dolly Parton. Kevin first presented the song to his co-star, and then called Dolly to ask for permission to record “I Will Always Love You” in the new version. Although many people thought the original was written as a declaration of love, it was actually Parton’s tribute to her collaborator. The singer appeared on television with her mentor, Porter Wagoner.

When she told him that she was leaving because she wanted to focus on her solo career, the musician was not thrilled. Out of grief, Dolly wrote a goodbye song for him. The song turned out to be such a tearjerker that Wagoner even forgot how disappointed he was with his friend’s decision. Parton made “I Will Always Love You” her big hit, but Whitney Houston, also thanks to the film, ensured the song’s immortality. Interestingly, the country star first heard the new version on the radio and was shocked. Dolly has stated many times that she loves Houston’s version.

This song had several versions, but even in the most famous version, i.e The Righteous Brothers, owes its popularity to cinema. Many people remember the hit primarily from the movie “Believe in ghost”, specifically from the famous scene that turned out to be the best pottery advertisement in history. “Unchained Melody” was created in 1955 and was immediately performed three times. However, this most famous cover was created ten years later, when the duo The Righteous Brothers took up the song. The band members were to choose one song for the new album, which would be their solo performance.

Each of them wanted to sing “Unchained Melody” – and it’s hardly surprising – but they decided… toss a coin. Producer Phil Spector he wasn’t a fan of the song, he considered it a throwaway, so he included the song on the B-side of the single, “Hung on You”. Spector was quite surprised when the radio stations completely skipped the main song and started playing “Unchained Melody”. The producer even started calling the DJs to ask them to stop, but to little avail. The song turned out to be a big hit, but it gained even greater popularity in the early 1990s, when it appeared in the movie “Believe in the Spirit”. Thanks to this production, the song conquered the charts and caused more confusion than a quarter of a century earlier.

It can’t be a coincidence: another movie hit and it’s playing in the background again Kevin Costner. The song was created especially for the production “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. The task was not easy, because the song was to be based on a melody written by the composer Michael Kamen. It so happened that Adams and his producer Mutt Lunge They were working on other music in the studio when the original recording, “Maid Marian”, came to them.

The musicians knew one thing: this film needed a beautiful ballad. So Bryan and Mutt shortened Kamen’s composition, modernized it, added guitars and, of course, lyrics. The most important changes took them only 45 minutes, but it was enough for the singer to realize that he had a unique song up his sleeve. Years later, the artists recalled that Adams, who wanted to explain to the producer what tempo a ballad should have, started dancing with him to show it in practice. These may be unusual methods, but they are certainly effective. The number of people who shed a tear at the cinema while watching this hit is probably even greater than the number of dollars that were raised thanks to “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” the singer earned.

This single regularly lands on all lists of the most important songs of all time and nothing seems to change. This is also proof that insomnia can sometimes bring something useful. Guitarist MickJones he liked to work late. No one wanted anything from him back then, no one bothered him with phone calls, and besides, the artist had something to do when he couldn’t sleep.

One morning, Mick came up with an idea for a song that later became his biggest hit Foreginer. Jones couldn’t even say exactly how the song was created, and years later he concluded that some higher power must have acted. In any case, the musician was so delighted with the idea that he woke up his future wife in the middle of the night to show her what he had written. Mick later refined the song with the help of the singer Lou Gramm, who argued with the guitarist about how much work each of them put into the song. First audition “I Want to Know What Love Is” even made the head of the record company cry. By then, Jones knew it was a truly special song, although he probably had no idea it would become Foreigner’s biggest hit.

The king of rock and roll without a song that will melt the hearts of his fans, and above all, female fans? Impossible! Elvis recorded “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in 1961, although the song is based on an old French song from the mid-18th century. One of the co-writers of Presley’s hit was George Weisswho also wrote Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” among others.

Elvis decided to record “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for the movie “Blue Hawaii” in which he appeared. It is true that he did not sing the song to his girlfriend, but to her grandmother on her birthday, but this did not prevent the song from becoming one of the greatest love hits in history. However, it wasn’t easy. Neither the film’s producers nor the musician’s collaborators were impressed with the song. They even tried to dissuade the king from the idea of ​​recording it, but Presley was extremely stubborn. Soon he had many reasons to say, “I told you so?”

Some couldn’t believe the group The Cure she recorded such a carefree, fun, pop song. The truth is that the song was originally much slower and a bit less cheerful, but discussions in the studio and accidental misalignment of the equipment during recording took their toll. Vocalist Robert Smith still remembers that the hit cost him a lot of nerves. The artist started creating music and with each listen he had the impression that he had unknowingly copied someone else’s song. But whose?

So Smith called his friends, showed them the fragment and asked if it was not their work. The singer calmed down only when all his colleagues denied it. Robert laughed years later that The Cure had always portrayed themselves as a dark band, while for many people who had never listened to any of the group’s albums in their entirety, The Cure were simply “cheerful guys from ‘Friday I’m in Love‘”.

One of the most famous duets in the history of music, and a classic about love – Lionel Richie he knows perfectly well how to get to two rankings in one go. There have been many versions of this song, including: Kenny Rogers and Luther Vandross and Mariah Careybut the first and most famous one was recorded by Richie and Diana Ross. The song was created for the film “Endless Love”. Director Franco Zeffirelli asked Lionel to write an instrumental piece. It so happened that the singer had an idea up his sleeve that he had not used before in the group The Commodores.

When Zeffirelli heard it, he already knew that there had to be a text written for it, which would also be sung by a duet. Richie chose a big star, Diana Ross, although it was not easy. Diana was very busy, so the artists arranged a session in the middle of the night, in a random studio that happened to be near the singer’s concert venue. Less than two hours later, the recording was ready, which is quite a feat considering that the musicians had already swapped parts to sing during the work. However, the stress paid off, because for both singers “Endless Love” turned out to be one of the biggest hits of his career.

It’s one of the youngest songs on this list, but it’s just as powerful as its older ones. Moreover, over two billion views of the music video online speak for themselves. Fans of romantic hits could probably give the song extra points for this John Legend wrote a ballad for his future wife, Chrissy Teigen. One of the musician’s managers, who had been monitoring the couple’s relationship, sent the singer an e-mail suggesting that he should write something like “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. So John sat down at the piano and created a modest song, which later gave him the first number one song in his career. The musician recalled that when Chrissy heard “All of Me” for the first time, she cried. That’s when he realized it was more than just another song.

There’s no denying that it’s not a heart-warming ballad, but who said that love songs have to be just ballads? Rihanna and Calvin Harris they met when an ambitious producer supported the singer during a concert tour. RiRi quickly noticed that her friend could write extremely hit songs. No wonder the star turned to Harris when she was looking for songs for her next album. Calvin already had “We Found Love” up his sleeve and even initially came to terms with other singers, but none of them were immediately determined. Rihanna, on the other hand, fell in love with the song from the first time she heard it. They both love this song to this day. For Rihanna, “We Found Love” became one one of the biggest hits of his career, and for Harris – a ticket to fame.