Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Huge criticism of “Madame Web”. What do early viewers think about the film?

Critics haven’t been kind to the latest superhero movie. They call it not only “The Worst Failure,” but also a “Chernobyl-level disaster.”

“Madame Web”, directed by SJ Clarkson, is the story of a nurse who develops psychic abilities, including predicting the future.

Poor critics’ ratings may contribute to an even worse opening weekend than that of “The Marvels”, which was recently released on streaming. How do people who have already seen this production rate the film?

The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s a spaceless and clichéd endeavor based on a mechanical script… The lack of imagination would be astonishing if it weren’t expected… The film relies on the principle of need-to-know, forcing the audience to explain through inelegant, breathtaking exposition.”

Rolling Stone: “Madame Web isn’t as bad as its somewhat unsuccessful promotional campaign might suggest. In fact, it’s much worse. A true Chernobyl-level disaster that seems increasingly radioactive as it goes on, this detour into one of Marvel’s dustier corners is a dead end from start to finish. (…). No decision seems sensible. No performance is in sync with the material. No line feels like it hasn’t been magically autotuned to take away the emotion and/or inflection. The only amazing thing about this Spider-Man spin-off is that someone, somewhere, signed a consent form to release it… ”

IGN: “The worst superhero movie since Morbius.”

3C Films: “…an embarrassing mess. Talented stars wasted on possibly the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen. Filled with terrible dialogue, awkward editing, and ridiculous structure. I sat there amazed scene after scene that anyone approved it. The memes will redeem it.”