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The end of the 1990s belonged to Renia Jusis. Her hit was sung by the whole of Poland

Reni Jusis conquered the Polish music scene in the late 1990s with a hit “Crazy”. Her career did not slow down after this success. Check out how the artist managed to maintain her star status for so many years.

Reni Jusis was born in Konin, but grew up in Mielno. She started her education at the Music School Complex. Grażyna Bacewicz in Koszalin. She took her first steps on the stage of the Baltic Dramatic Theater in Koszalin, where she played in the musical “Mirage”, the music for which was written by her schoolmate, Adam Sztaba. It was then that the artist managed to attract the producer's attention Yarawho offered her to sing backing vocals in the band.

Reni Jusis went on tour and privately became the producer's partner. She joined the band and sang choruses in some songs. Then too they opened Liroy's concerts. Thanks to this, a couple she met Michał Urbaniak, who decided to take her under artistic supervision. Although the joint songs never came out, Urbaniak pushed Renia Jusis's career forward by recommending her to other music labels.

The Pomaton EMI label became interested in the star, and in 1997 the album Yaro was released, which features the vocals of Reni Jusis. A year later it was established the artist's first solo album “Zakrętona”, which includes the hit with the same title. The debut turned out to be a great success, and the singer she received three Fryderyk awards for it in the categories debut of the year, rap/hip-hop album of the year and hit of the year.

It was not only Reni Jusis's music that excited fans. The star's love life has repeatedly become the subject of news and gossip in the media. In 2006, the press spread the news about Renia Jusis's affair with Maciej Zieliński. The relationship with the head of Radio Eska's promotion began innocently, but quickly aroused fans' fantasies.

In 2007, gossip portals began to write about the artist's new relationship – Jusis she started dating Tomek Makowiecki, who was nine years younger than herself. A few months after the first meeting, in August 2008, the lovers got married. The media all over Poland wrote about the intimate but fairy-tale wedding. Two years after their marriage, the couple had a son.

Unfortunately, the musicians' union did not survive. In 2019, after 11 years of living together, the couple decided to break up. Reni Jusis touched on this topic in the Ofeminin podcast “Yes we have!”. She talked about the difficulties of separation and life after it:

In 2006, a five-CD box called “Discography” was released, which included all four of the star's albums and clips of her solo performances. It was an intense year for the singerbecause it was also then that she released her fifth studio album titled “Magnes”.

After a two-year break in her work, Jusis decided to take a radical step. She changed her musical style and in 2009 she released an album of acoustic music titled “Iluzjon part I”. The album includes: duets with Stanisław Soyka, Gaba Kulka and Tomek Makowiecki. It was entirely the artist's creation – it consisted mainly of compositions composed by her and her own texts. The album was a success and she did it get a nomination for the Fryderyk in the album of the year, poetic song category.

In 2010 and 2011 Reni Jusis she mainly toured and also made guest appearances – she recorded the song “I Have Your Faith” for the soundtrack of the film “Tinkerbell and the Helpful Fairies”, together with actor Lesław Żurek she recorded a song for the charity album “Ladies And Gentleman”. Then Reni Jusis she disappeared for four years.

In 2014, Reni Jusis returned to show business for good, thanks to her participation in the first edition of the TVP 2 program “SuperSTARcie”. Two years later signed a recording contract with Sony Music. The result was the release of the album “Bang!”, which includes: songs with an electronic, avant-garde sound. The artist went on a club tour, promoting the album with songs such as “Bejbi siter”, “Delta”, “Zombi Świat”. In 2017, the album won the Fryderyk Award.

In 2018, the singer released another album titled “Ćma”. She also began her adventure with French music. We can find it on the artist's official YouTube channel recording of the concert “Je suis Reni”during which Jusis performed acoustic interpretations of French songs.

Recently, the artist has been recognized by more and more people not only due to her rich discography and the number of awards won, but also due to her cooperation with a music producer nicknamed Tribbs. The song “Someday I'll Find You”, which was a single promoting her fourth album, turned out to be a big hit again, this time in a new version.

In early March 2024, Reni Jusis finished the “RE TRANS MISJA” anniversary tourduring which she celebrated the 20th anniversary of the famous album.

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